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During 90 Day: The Other Way Season 3, Natalie Mordovtseva’s judgmental attitude seemed downright hypocritical.

She remained tethered to Mike Youngquist even while dating Josh Weinstein. Neither man had signed up for that.

To date, it looks like Natalie and Josh haven’t broken up yet. But that doesn’t mean that her life has simplified.

A fan recently spotted Natalie spending time with Mike. And the two of them were not alone.

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A few days ago, a Reddit user by the handle of @heckofaweasel posted a snap of Natalie Mordovtseva and Mike Youngquist.

The two are seated on a picnic table outdoors, near a farmer’s market. The Long Beach farmer’s market, specifically.

Sometimes, former spouses meet in public places to discuss division of property or other concerns. But this is not a normal situation.

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Beyond the fact that Mike and Natalie are having an in-person chat, there are two remarkable things about this post.

The first is the presence of the woman who is beside Natalie. She is a mother-in-law, but she’s not Mike’s mom, Trish.

Instead, this is Natalie’s mother, Nelia.

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We knew as early as March of last year — just one week after Vladimir Putin launched the brutal invasion of Ukraine — that Nelia had escaped Ukraine.

And, late last year, a fan spotted Natalie and her mother at a party in Los Angeles. This would have been long after 90 Day: The Single Life wrapped filming on Season 3.

Mike, as viewers will recall, contributed some money to help Nelia escape. Now she is a war refugee who has been living in the United States for at least several months.

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In fact, Mike had expressed a desire to help Natalie’s mother even more than he already had. Perhaps he has.

He always like Nelia. And for what it’s worth, he and Natalie really did love each other. That love is why they allowed each other to make them so, so miserable for so long.

Anyway, it is a relief to know that Nelia is safely far from the war zone. Missiles and tanks and troops continue to target and slaughter Ukrainian civilians. Safety is a relative concept and, often, an illusion. Our hearts continue to go out to those in Natalie’s homeland.

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The second interesting thing about this sighting is that, as you can plainly see for yourself, the trio is on camera.

A production crew was following and filming them. So Natalie’s time on 90 Day: The Single Life is not over.

Of course, Josh’s ex-wife had already shared that Natalie would appear on Season 4. We figured that it was likely anyway, given her endless drama. This was merely confirmation.

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Honestly, Natalie is one of the most discussed members of the franchise. She isn’t one of the primary villains — she’s not Angela Deem or Big Ed Brown. But she’s certainly not a fan-favorite, either.

Instead, Natalie’s bizarre life choices, baffling decisions that pair well with her eccentric mannerisms and outlandish statements, make her impossible to ignore.

Natalie doesn’t need cameras following her to have over-the-top drama. But the cameras are glad to be there to capture it all.