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We followed the ups and downs of fan-favorites David Toborowsky and Annie Suwan on the latest season of David & Annie: After The 90 Days.

This couple is one of the few 90 Day Fiance pairs who are popular enough to hold people’s interest without the usual drama and mystery of the main shows of the franchise. They’re not screaming or scamming, they’re just likable.

So when good things happen to them, a chorus of fans cheers them on.

And that’s what’s happening now, as David’s followers fall over themselves to congratulate him on his body transformation.

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90 Day Fiance fan-favorites Annie and David Toborowsky put smiles on the faces of their followers with this pic. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

A few years ago, David Toborowsky — by then, already an established fixture in this franchise’s fandom — traveled to Thailand with his wife, Annia Suwan.

In her homeland, the two went hiking on Three Whale Mountain.

This excursion, David later explained, served as a wakeup call about his general fitness. Many people have them, when they suddenly realize that they have lost mobility, stamina, or strength.

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90 Day Fiance fan favorite couple David Toborowsky and Annie Toborowsky are known for engaging with fellow stars and with fans.

David has not chosen to take toxic, unhealthy plunges into the dubious and morally bankrupt weight loss industry.

Instead, he has taken up things like healthier eating and regular walking in the park.

Not every lifestyle change results in swift weight loss, or weight loss at all — due to the complexities of the human body. But David saw real results.

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    David has dropped over 70 pounds, and he fits into his older clothes.

    That would be impressive for anyone. It is particularly remarkable for a 54-year-old.

    As bodies age, they are generally less cooperative.

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    90 Day Fiance fan favorites David Toborowsky and Annie Suwan posed for a photo ahead of a date night together.

    Now, fans are shouting praise for David’s new look (as you can see in our first image, above) from the rooftops.

    Commenters have been gushing about how “amazing” and “slim” David now looks.

    Others praised that he is continuing to get “more and more” youthful in appearance, others focusing on his disposition: noting that he has been the “real deal” from the beginning.

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    “David, you look healthier,” one commenter penned. “My favorite couple ever on reality TV.”

    (Just a disclaimer: you don’t actually know someone’s health from their body size except in true extreme situations, but it is sometimes health-adjacent)

    “David, YOU LOOK GREAT!!!” wrote another. “Whatever you are doing, keep doing it.”

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    90 Day Fiance fan favorites David Toborowsky and Annie Toborowsky pose in this sweet couples selfie photo.

    To a lot of fans, David and Annie represent a true success story for the franchise. And in more ways than just one.

    Yes, they have a loving, genuine marriage despite having a lot of odds stacked against them.

    But at the same time, they have come a long ways in a more material sense.

    When Annie first came to meet David, he was experiencing what we will delicately refer to as “housing insecurity.” A friend of his gave them a place to stay.

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    David and Annie now live a comfortable lifestyle, one that affords world travel — not to mention David’s weight loss journey.

    They have a nice home. Viewers love Annie’s cooking videos. And, as we’ve seen, the two hope to sponsor two of Annie’s teen relatives to come live in the United States.

    Fans love to see these two succeed, and so do we!