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In addition to sightseeing and a cultural journey, David & Annie: After The 90 Days Season 2 has had another focus.

Longtime fan-favorites David Toborowsky and Annie Suwan hope to give two of her teen relatives more opportunities in life.

Unfortunately, the road to applying for a visa — even if you have American family — is long and decidedly uphill.

Amber and Jordan sat down for their visa interviews. Sadly, things did not go as (most of) the family had hoped.

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On this week’s episode of David & Annie: After The 90 Days, the fan-favorite couple joined more of Annie’s family to share some news.

Annie’s brother, Jordan, is still in his early teens. She also has a young cousin, Amber.

For years, David and Annie have hoped to bring both of them to the United States. It is their hope that the two will have more opportunities and a better life as a result.

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Jordan and Amber are both over 14. So, when they did their interviews with US immigration officials, they did it without other family present.

During the interview, they both felt like things were going relatively well. And then, they received the news.

They had to tell David, Annie, and the rest of the family that they are not getting a green light to move to the US. Not yet.

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David seemed to heave teared up at the news. Amber certainly looked tearful as she explained her experience.

“I answered everything, and it was all going good,” she described. Annie offered her cousin a comforting hug and reassurances. Sometimes, that’s the best thing in the moment.

“Even though she [says] she did her best, and she [does] not feel regrets, she is still 17. So, when I see her crying, it crushed my heart,” Annie expressed to the confessional camera.

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To no one’s surprise, Jordan did not share his cousin’s distress. He has repeatedly expressed real reservation about a move to America.

“It’s not that I feel happy,” he explained to the camera, “but I feel more relieved.”

Jordan added in a very honest tone that “Now I’ll be able to go home.” Change can be scary. We get it.

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One real surprise to everyone was Aunt Lom’s change in perspective. As Annie phrased it, “I just feel like her mind is more positive.”

Lom related how traveling to Phuket had opened her eyes to different ways of life. It made her more eager to see Amber and Jordan have more opportunities in life.

Many people can relate. Only by meeting new people (and often, visiting new places) do we all truly understand how many, or how few, opportunities others might have.

Viewers have watched David and Annie and their loved ones endure this painful setback before. In 2022, we watched Jordan and Amber try for an American visa, only to receive a denial.

Amber really internalized that, feeling as if it were a personal failing. It is not. Many systems, including the US immigration system, are hardwired to make things inhumanly difficult. Why? There are some practical concerns, but there are also elements of xenophobia and racism. They are cooked into the formula for too many US laws and policies.

The hope is that David and Annie can help Amber and Jordan overcome these bitter obstacles to give them their best chance at life.