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Let us start by saying the following:

It’s ridiculous that USA Network is airing a new season of Chrisley Knows Best… considering its lead stars were just convicted of financial fraud and are headed to federal prison for a long time.

But at least the Monday return of this awful reality show gave viewers yet another reminder of how Todd Chrisley is simply a terrible human being.

You see…

We can’t believe USA is airing a new season of Chrisley Knows Best. The stars are headed to jail!

The season 10 opener centered around Todd and Julie moving into yet another new home — much to the latter’s chagrin.

“Being married to Todd means you’re never going to call a place home for very long,” Julie explained in a confessional, referring to the pair’s third move in the past year.

“It keeps me stressed and unsettled.

“And the only reason I agreed to move into this new house is because it was turn-key. I’m just excited to move in, unpack, and be done.”

Todd and Julie Chrisley are GUILTY. They’ll be spending many years in prison as a result.

Except this wasn’t even the case because the real estate mogul didn’t tell his spouse before tearing out parts of their new abode.

“Julie, listen, it’s like if you go have your eyes done, then you realize you need to have your neck done. And then you need to have an upper lift and a lower lift,” he said after he gutted the property.

In response, Julie called her husband out for keeping this rather important information from her. “Why did you lie to me?” she asked, to which Todd replied:

“Okay, let’s find a question that’s a little easier.”


Julie and Todd Chrisley may be all smiles in this scene from their reality show. But their life is awful these days.

Julie then eventually in another confessional that she was “done” with moving her family from home to home.

“I’m over it. I feel like we are at a stage of our life where we need to find where we’re gonna settle,” she said.

“I want Grayson to be settled the last few years he’s at home before he goes to college. Chloe is 9. She likes stability, not doing a house and selling it and moving to another one and selling it… I’m just tired of that.

“And not to mention, you lied to me, Todd.”

The episode concluded with Todd and Julie coming to a resolution, which basically meant Julie caved once more.

“I love you. But right now, I don’t like you,” she told her husband.

Todd Chrisley doesn’t look too bothered by anything in this scene from his reality show.

The Chrisleys were sentenced in November after a jury convicted the couple last summer of a multimillion-dollar bank fraud and tax evasion scheme.

On January 17, Todd checked into the Federal Prison Camp Pensacola to begin his 12-year sentence, while Julie reported to a prison in Lexington, Kentucky, to serve out her seven-year sentence.

“I know that this is not my final destination,” Todd said on a Chrisley Confessions podcast recorded before he went behind bars.

“I know that this may be my future for a minute, but I also have faith that the judicial system is going to turn it around. I also have faith that the appellate court is going to see this for what it is.”

The Season 10 premiere made no mention of these major legal woes.