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Tammy Slaton has achieved yet another milestone.

The 1000-Lb Sisters cast member has been on quite an impressive role of late, having undergone gastric bypass surgery in the middle of last year and then having gotten married in November.

Following both of these life-altering events, Tammy returned to her rehab facility in Ohio?

But now?

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See that fella lurking behind Tammy Slaton in this photo? That’s her husband, folks!

The reality star has checked out!

According to sources who spoke anonymously this week to The Sun, Slaton recently returned to Kentucky after abstaining from alcohol, smoking and vaping for nine months in order to achieve her weight loss and general health and well-being goals.

This same insider says Tammy can fit in the front seat of a normal car now and no longer needs to ride with extra room adjusted for her in the back.

She is building herself up to be able to walk long distances.

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Yup, this really is a photo of Tammy Slaton. She looks rather different, doesn’t she?

Tammy can also stand for short periods of time and her friends and family members a hug.

This may sound like nothing to the common man or woman… but to someone who weighed 717 pounds now that long ago?

It’s the pay-off to a lot of hard work.

Back in 2021, Tammy admitted on 1000-Lb Sisters that she drank eight full bottles of booze each week.

She smoked, she partied, she ate anything she wanted at any time of the day… and the fallout from such a lifestyle nearly killed her.

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Wow, huh?!?! It’s a brand new Tammy Slaton, as the reality star has clearly dropped a great deal of weight.

On the Season 3 finale oof this TLC program, Slaton even stopped breathing for a time after going on a bender.

“Her body shut down,” sibling Amy explained in early Season 4 footage, while brother Chris added on air:

“If she doesn’t get the surgery, she’s gonna die because of her weight.”

Fast forward all these months, however?

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Way to go, Tammy Slaton! The reality star has clearly lost A LOT of weight.

And Tammy has done it.

“I worked my butt off,” Slaton previously told Us Weekly, speaking for the time in public about the ordeal and adding:

“I was starving a lot of the time and my hard work paid off.”

It sure. Just look at that photo immediately above. What a transformation!

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Slaton’s personal life has been transformer as well due to the addition of husband Caleb.

“We support each other wholeheartedly,” she continued in the aforementioned tabloid interview when asked if her relationship has been negatively impacted by her surgery.

“On our weight loss journeys, when he’s having issues with wanting to eat because he’s bored or because he’s an emotional eater, he comes to me and we talk about the situation.

“It’s the same for me and I talk to him. We talk about our issues and why we feel this way.

“We are true partners.”