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Ryan Edwards isn’t exactly known for his level-headed rationality.

In fact, time and again, Ryan has demonstrated that his ability to control his impulses is roughly the same as that of a cranky toddler.

So it should come as no surprise that Edwards is having some regrets about his decision to publicly accuse his wife of infidelity.

Yes, over the weekend, Ryan ended his Instagram hiatus to inform the world that Mackenzie Standifer had cheated on him.

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Maci Bookout has been absolutely dropping the mic on Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Standifer lately. And now, the couple has entered damage control mode.

Edwards made it sound like he had ironclad proof, and he revealed that he was planning to begin divorce proceedings as soon as possible.

“I trusted you but now your words mean nothing to me, because your actions spoke the truth,” reads an uncredited quote he shared on January 29.

“Your regret is coming … good lord showed me what I need but not what I wanted,” Edwards rather ominously captioned the post.

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Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Standifer pose for a family Christmas photo with their children.

But on Tuesday, Ryan withdrew his allegation, and while he stopped short of apologizing for slandering his wife, we guess his remorse was implied.

“I was wrong,” Ryan told UK tabloid The Sun.

“She isn’t that kind of person. For a relationship, it’s a work in progress.”

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We now know exactly how much money Mackenzie Standifer earns per month. We also know that she’s the sole breadwinner in her household. (Photo via Instagram)

As for whether or not he and Mackenzie are planning to give their marriage another go, Ryan sounded cautiously optimistic about the couple’s future.

“For a relationship, it’s a work in progress,” he told The Sun.

If we had to guess, we’d say that Ryan’s allegation had no real merit, and Mackenzie is currently split on the question of whether or not she should forgive him.

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Ryan Edwards poses with wife Mackenzie Standifer and their children. (Photo via Instagram)

Standifer has not directly responded to her husband’s bizarre public comments, but her latest Instagram post seems to indicate that she’s taking it all in stride.

“I used to wanna protect my name in situations, now I just wanna protect my peace,” Mackenzie’s posted to her Instagram Story.

“I let whoever think WHATEVER.”

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Mackenzie Standifer is sporting a different look these days. And while most fans seem to love the look, a handful of haters are giving her a hard time.

Sounds like Mack won’t be going into greater detail anytime soon, but if some outlet is willing to pay for her side of the story then we might get it sooner rather than later.

In the meantime, she and Ryan probably have a lot of work to do on their relationship.

These two weren’t exactly in a great place before all of this happened.

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Mackenzie and Ryan Edwards look cute and cozy in this photo of the couple together. (Photo via Instagram)

Now, they have yet another obstacle to overcome.

Already, Mackenzie has helped Ryan overcome his addictions and his legal problems and his battered relationship with his son.

Clearly she’s loyal, but we’re sure she has her breaking point.