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The ongoing, raging feud between Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga is not limited to them.

Yes, they have dragged their castmates into their spat. But their respective husbands play much closer roles in all of this.

Luis Ruelas and Joe Gorga recently had a heated, private conversation about the broken family dynamic.

That conversation is no longer private. The texts are now very public, and neither man was holding back.

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Blogger All About The Tea obtained screenshots of alleged text messages between Luis Ruelas and Joe Gorga.

(Interestingly, the screenshots would seem to indicate that the “sender,” and thus the source of the leak of the texts, was Luis)

The context here is that Melissa Gorga recently suggested that the only reason that Luis invited her and Joe to Teresa’s birthday (her 50th birthday!) was because filming was imminent.

“Hey Joe hope all is well,” a text, seemingly from Luis, begins. “I’ve been trying to get a hold of you to talk to you about Teresa’s 50th birthday.”

He continues: “She put together a list of people that she would like to be there.”

Luis then assures: “There is no expense to anyone Everything is paid for.”

“This has nothing to do with show,” Luis seems to write.

“It’s a private event for your sister,” he continues, “and the people she wanted to be with her on her day.”

Luis expresses: “I hope you receive this message with love from me to you and Melissa. I really hope you guys can make it.”

Joe Gorga Makes His Point
The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Joe Gorga had a lot to say to his sister at the Season 12 Reunion.

“We appreciate the offer,” Joe Gorga seemingly replies. “My sister was very clear where we stand with her.”

He writes: “Very confused as to why she would want to spend several days together for a special birthday.”

Joe continues: “She just said they aren’t close and that’s why she doesn’t want her around?”

Joe Gorga Speaks at the Reunion
The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Joe Gorga speaks about his sister and her husband-for-now at the Reunion special.

“Listen. I’m okay with everything,” Joe then seemingly writes.

He assures Luis: “Don’t feel the pressure to extend the invite I know it’s just coming from a fake place.”

The message then adds: “No need for it bro, I’m sure you watched the reunion. Enjoy your vacation.”

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“What’s fake is the thought of bringing this family closer thru a TV show,” Luis allegedly spat back in the leaked texts.

“I’m extending this to you guys,” he claimed, “because this is what your sister wants.”

“And,” Luis seemingly continued, it’s a “chance for you guys to grow off camera & the public eye.”

Teresa and the Gorgas

“The TV show is [a] combative place and full of superficial bulls–t not a forum for a family to recover,” Luis then wrote.

“This isn’t fake,” he claimed. “This isn’t strategic.”

According to Luis, “this is coming from me who has been in your sisters life for almost two years now.”

Luis Ruelas and Teresa on a Swing
Luis Ruelas and Teresa Giudice are hanging out on a swing in this photo of the couple.

“I’m trying Joe & Melissa,” Luis seemingly told him. “Nobody’s perfect including the both of you.”

At this point, Joe allegedly wrote back, noting that Luis might not understand because he has “only been here for two years.”

Joe noted that, in contrast, the family has had this “exact conversation for the last 15.”

Teresa Giudice Faces Melissa Gorga
The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice was on the receiving end of her sister-in-law Melissa Gorga’s fury.

According to Luis, Teresa is now working on bettering herself. He thinks that people have a habit of “deflecting things that need to be addressed.”

He added: “Everyone plays a part in this demise and it’s not only Teresa.” Well, that’s true.

“All you have to do is watch the TV show,” Luis suggested, “and see how this has been.”

Teresa Giudice and Her Fiance
Teresa Giudice and her fiance, Luis Ruelas, are featured in this intense scene from a 2022 episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

“The TV [show] has been the worst thing for both your families,” Luis then accused.

According to him, “it has instigated all of this noise that stands between both of you and Teresa.”

Joe acknowledged that Luis had made a few “good points.”

Joe Gorga Blows Up
The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Joe Gorga blows up at his sister over her ex-husband’s wrongdoings.

However, he added that “My sister should have thought about that before igniting this fire.”

Joe then suggested: “Let’s not go back and [forth]. I promise you’re wasting your time.”

He asked: “Please don’t text back. We are good. Leave it alone. Love you guys.”