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Netflix’s business model can be a little difficult to understand to anyone with common sense. But Selling Sunset is an indisputable hit.

In the past, Chrishell Stause has spoken about fame from the show and how it interferes with her day job.

Yes, she likes being on the show. Up to a point.

Chrishell admits that when Season 6 premieres later this year, she is considering going into hiding.

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Later this year, the new season of Selling Sunset will hit Netflix.

It is possible that fewer people will be able to watch, now that Netflix has reversed its popular “love is sharing a password” motto. If you’re unaware, the streaming giant plans to bind accounts to IP addresses. No more Netflix on vacation, we guess.

Still, an avalanche of remaining subscribers will tune in to the real estate reality series.

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Chrishell Stause spoke to E! News about her plans for the new run of episodes.

She suggested that “maybe I’ll go into hiding” when Season 6 premieres.

“Honestly,” Chrishell admitted, “this show stresses me out.”

Chrishell Stause at the SAGs
The time struck midnight on the red carpet for Chrishell Stause, as she’s rocking a midnight blue dress here.

“I want to enjoy it, I want to love it,” Chrishell emphasized.

“And,” she added, “I want to be excited about it.”

Chrishell went on to comment that she would revel in each new season “but I have so much anxiety.” Oh, mood.

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A lot of viewers really vibe with what they see on screen. For Chrishell, however, it’s a bit more like hearing a recording of your own voice.

“Every time it comes out, I’m like, ‘What are you doing?'” she admitted.

Of course, we should remember that the show is full of real, painful moments from her life. And some embarrassment, too.

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Excitingly, Chrishell will have another ally (one assumes) in her corner when Season 6 premieres.

Late last year, Chrishell dished that her partner, G Flip, will appear on the show.

G Flip, the Australian rapper, and Chrishell spoke about their relationship in the past. Now, they will join her on screen.

Chrishell Stause and G Flip Make Out
Selling Sunset star Chrishell Stause and Australian musician G Flip kiss in the latter’s “GET ME OUTTA HERE” music video.

Even better, neither she nor they will have to speak to or otherwise interact with Chrishell’s archenemy.

Christine Quinn announced her departure from the show back in August. After 5 seasons, she has moved on.

Some longtime viewers have speculated that Season 6 might be a total snoozefest without Christine’s penchant for drama. But the cast promises that — to the detriment of the personal lives of the cast — there is more than enough.

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G Flip and Chrishell Stause started dating in May 2022. They seem like a happy couple.

Netflix may cancel countless other beloved properties the moment that the first season releases, but Selling Sunset is already guaranteed a Season 7.

We do not yet know the exact release date for Season 6. Online estimates put it around May of this year. That is just a few months away.

Chrishell is welcome to go into hiding out of firsthand embarrassment. But plenty of people will delight in watching her on-screen antics, and those of her castmates, on Season 6 and beyond.