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Pamela Anderson has been in the news a lot this week.

Anderson recently released a memoir and a companion documentary on Netflix, and even the ’90s icon’s most diehard fans are learning shocking new truths about Pam’s wildly eventful life.

Among the revelations were the fact that Tim Allen sexually harassed Pam on the set of Home Improvement, and Kid Rock was a terrible husband.

Okay, so those two weren’t exactly shockers, but Pam fans might have appreciated that they were finally hearing the stories straight from the source instead of reading about them in the tabloids.

Pamela Anderson for PETA
Pamela Anderson is one of the world’s most well-known vegetarians. She is a staunch supporter of PETA.

One of the most widely-discussed scenes in Pam’s documentary involved the recent Hulu limited series Pam & Tommy, which focused on the drama surrounding Anderson’s leaked sex tape with then-husband Tommy Lee.

Pam says she was furious about the project, and she condemned just about everyone who was involved with it (lead actress Lily Collins was given a pass).

And according to Anderson, her two sons were equally offended by the series.

“They said ‘why the hell bring things that happened 20 years ago if that really messed up my mom?'” Pam recalled.

Not much has changed.

“Why bring something up from 20 years ago that you know f—ed someone up,” Anderson’s son Dylan said in the film.

“The worst part of her life and making a semi-comedy out of it; [it] didn’t make sense.”

Lots of people applauded Pam’s sons for sticking up for their mom, including another blonde ’90s icon who’s remained a tabloid fixture.

Brandon Lee — one of The Hills’ brand new additions — received a visit from his famous mom, Pamela Anderson during a recent episode. (Photo via MTV)

We’re talking of course about Britney Spears, who praised Pam’s doc, and noted that the two of them seem to have an awful lot in common.

“I really respect the fact that her children stood up for her relating to the fact that people were trying to sell her story from the past !!!” Spears wrote in a since-deleted Instagram post.

“Referring to the embarrassing subject being sold in a comedic TV comparison … he’s right !!!”

Britney Spears rocks a sizable hat in this pic. (Photo via Instagram)

Britney noted that she’s been the subject of several recent documentaries, and she didn’t have anyone getting her back the way Pam’s kids did.

In fact, Britney’s sons criticized her parenting and her Instagram content!

“With 4 documentaries released about me last year with people I adore speaking about my past !!!” she wrote.

Britney snaps a selfie while sporting some specs. (Photo via Instagram)

“THAT alone was almost as hard as what I went through in my past !!!”

Brit went on to bemoan the lack of privacy she’s endured over the years, and in a surprising revelation, she admitted to being in a “secret relationship” when she was 25 years old, which she described as her way of “rebelling.”

“That doesn’t make it right for my dad to claim he’s ME and take over for 15 years of my life !!!” Spears wrote.

From there, Brit once again addressed her brother Bryan’s claim that her conservatorship was good for her family:

“I’M SURE IT WAS … giving me way too much work while they HAD THEIR MEETINGS !!!” she wrote.

From there, Britney once again brought up Pam’s documentary, saying it showed her “that people should support you exactly where you are in that moment of your life … unless cruelty rules the world ???”

Here is an example of what Britney Spears often posts on Instagram. She loves to show off her dance moves! (Photo via Instagram)

From there, she wondered if her family feels “WAAAAY better about themselves to embarrass me and bring up my past ???”

We’re Ms. Spears is aware that bullies like her father rarely feel better about themselves after abusing their victims — but they continue to do it anyway.

Maybe someday Britney will get to tell her story in a documentary of her own, the way Pamela has.

We’re sure she’s got quite a tale to tell!