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For the past several years, ratings for the Teen Mom franchise have been declining sharply, and the ladies who have been with those shows from the start are probably beginning to worry about their future employment.

Meanwhile, Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer got out while the getting was good, and the couple’s decision bail on MTV in 2020 is looking smarter every day.

These days, Chelsea and Cole have their own HGTV renovation show called Down Home Fab.

And in case you haven’t heard, they’re the network’s biggest stars!

The first episode of Chelsea and Cole’s show pulled in massive ratings.

To put in perspective, about twice as many people watched the Down Home Fab premiere as the latest episode of Teen Mom: Family Reunion.

Of course, it was too early to start celebrating, as premieres can be deceiving.

Chelsea and Cole are the newest stars of the HGTV network! (Photo via Instagram)

Network execs might have been bracing themselves for the possibility that viewers tuned in out of curiosity and weren’t happy with what they saw.

But then, something remarkable happened — the second episode of Down Home Fab pulled in even higher ratings.

In fact, as The Ashley’s Reality Roundup reports, the show is the top non-news, non-sports cable show in two very important demographics: women ages 25-54, and “upscale” women ages 25-54.

Chelsea’s signature style has always been popular with fans. (Photo via Instagram)

(The latter is one of the most coveted demos of them all.)

Now, in a relatively rare move, HGTV has announced a mid-season renewal, meaning that Chelsea and Cole will soon be getting to work on Down Home Fab Season 2!

“Chelsea and Cole’s undeniable on-screen chemistry and enthusiasm for renovation brings in millions of fans every week to HGTV’s platforms,” Loren Ruch, HGTV’s Head of Content, wrote in the press release issued earlier this week.

Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer recently bought some new property. They can certainly afford it! (Photo via Instagram)

“We can’t wait to get the ball rolling on a new season, and in the meantime we’ve got three upcoming episodes and lots more digital content with this dynamic couple in store.”

We don’t know much about Chelsea and Cole’s contract with the network, but you can bet it’s a lucrative one.

After all, these two are on the verge of becoming HGTV’s newest breakout stars.

Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer are HGTV’s new breakout stars! Their show, Down Home Fab, has been renewed for a second season!

If you’re a fan of home renovation reality shows, then you’re probably aware that HGTV produces many original series.

So the fact that Down Home Fab put up the biggest numbers for any new show on the network since May of 2022 is actually quite a big deal.

We probably don’t need to tell you that most reality stars peak early, and when the show that made them famous goes downhill, their careers to decline right along with it.

Chelsea Houska and Cole De Boer hit the town in style this week. And as usual, their fans loved it.

But Chelsea and Cole are bucking the trend in a major way.

We wish these two all the best on their new career path!