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Selling Sunset star Chrishell Stause has a lot going on in her life. Some of that has played out on screen.

From her steamy relationship with G Flip to her very memorable text message divorce, real estate is not her only business.

How much time has she actually had to close deals on property sales?

The answer may surprise you.

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The beautiful Chrishell Stause spoke to W Magazine in a new interview.

“As of June, I think I’ve done seven deals so far in real estate [this year],” she revealed.

That averages out to just over one per month. That’s not nothing, but it’s not exactly legendary.

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“It’s not a ton of deals,” Chrishell freely acknowledged.

“I obviously could be doing a lot more,” she added, “if that were my sole focus.”

Chrishell then admitted: “But it isn’t.”

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“I try to only take the jobs that are going to be filming on the show,” Chrishell noted.

She added: “or involve people I’ve worked with in the past.”

Chrishell has of course worked as an actress for years, with memorable roles on shows like All My Children and The Young And The Restless.

Chrishell Stause at the SAGs
The time struck midnight on the red carpet for Chrishell Stause, as she’s rocking a midnight blue dress here.

“I’m actually excited to be able to dip my toe into a little acting,” Chrishell expressed.

Her goal is to take on some new roles “and get something in before we go back.”

Chrishell then admitted: “I would never be good at a nine-to-five, anyway.”

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It turns out that Selling Sunset‘s success has been great … but also impacts the actual work at the Oppenheim Group.

“It’s harder to get work done in the office now,” she observed.

Chrishell explained: “Because people are constantly in there, trying to get pictures and knocking on the door.”

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“It’s very sweet,” Chrishell quickly assured, “but you can’t get work done.”

There is an obvious solution — one that so many Americans have embraced in recent years.

“When I actually have work to do,” Chrishell revealed, “I’m normally doing it at home.”

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“You have to go in knowing that you’re going to be shaking hands and kissing babies,” Chrishell stared.

“Because we are now part of the star tour that goes around,” she reasoned.

That makes a lot of sense. We’re sure that they meet a lot of adorable babies.

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In June, the world learned that Netflix renewed Selling Sunset for two new seasons.

Season Six will premiere very soon — on August 24.

Each season has seemed more explosive than the last. We are all looking forward to where this summer’s update takes us.

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G Flip and Chrishell Stause started dating in May 2022. They seem like a happy couple.

Chrishell’s personal life often bleeds over onto the show. That’s kind of the whole premise of the series.

Earlier this year, she went public with her partner, G Flip.

The actress and realtor met the nonbinary Australian rapper while taking a modeling job. That job? Making out with G Flip during a music video.

Chrishell Stause and G Flip Make Out
Selling Sunset star Chrishell Stause and Australian musician G Flip kiss in the latter’s “GET ME OUTTA HERE” music video.

The makeout took a non-professional turn, and the two are in a relationship.

At the moment, the two are taking a break … but only from social media, not from each other.

That sounds very healthy. We remain happy for them both.