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It’s official! A few weeks into 2023, and Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer’s new HGTV show has begun!

Down Home Fab premiered on Monday, January 16.

This of course marks the couple’s return to television.

But would they ever consider a Teen Mom comeback in one form or another?

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Cole DeBoer and Chelsea Houska speak to the camera on the premiere week of Down Home Fab.

Ever since TLC jumped from home improvement content to focus on white-centered tradlife reality TV, HGTV has been the place to go for renovation content.

Chelsea and Cole are now part of that. After years and years of Teen Mom fame, it was time to jump ship to something new and fresh.

This fan-favorite couple has a lot of fans who want to keep following their lives more than they want to see them share a franchise with Amber Portwood, you know?

Chelsea and Cole gave an interview to the good folks at The Ashley, and discussed the idea of an MTV comeback of some kind.

“I feel like that chapter to me is so hard closed,” Chelsea characterized.

It felt so final “that I don’t think I would even want to open up that door, even the smallest bit at this point.”

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Chelsea and Cole on the set of their new HGTV show. (Photo via Instagram)

Chelsea clarified: “Not that there’s bad feelings.” So no, she’s not being bitter.

She then explained that “I just feel like I’ve moved on past that.”

We can all understand the desire to not revisit the past — especially when you’ve put a major chapter in your life behind you. Especially when you did it for a lot of great reasons.

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“There are honestly no hard feelings,” Chelsea then reiterated.

“It’s just something that is over,” she explained.

Additionally, Chelsea confirmed that she is not up for appearing on any of the spinoffs. Not Teen Mom: The Next Chapter, not Teen Mom Family Reunion, and not Teen Mom: Girls Night In.

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Chelsea and Cole are the newest stars of the HGTV network! (Photo via Instagram)

“That is something we just closed and moved on from,” Cole then chimed in to explain.

“There was nothing bad,” he emphasized.

Cole went on to gently explain that “it was just time to move on.” He also admitted that they have not watched these new MTV spinoffs.

Chelsea Houska & Cole DeBoer
Chelsea Houska & Cole DeBoer are teaming up for a show on HGTV. We cannot wait to watch it!

Some critics have cried foul after Chelsea and Cole quit TV a few years ago and are now returning.

But she doesn’t think that launching a home improvement show makes them hypocrites.

“We were never like, ‘I never want to be on TV again,’” Chelsea reasoned.

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Cole and Chelsea stare into the camera here during an appearance on the Teen Mom 2 reunion special.

“When we left, there was no thought of, ‘We are going to leave this [show] for HGTV,'” Chelsea recalled.

“We left fully because it was truly what we felt in our hearts,” she explained, “that we needed to leave.”

Chelsea added: “And then HGTV opened up after that.”

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Chelsea Houska and Cole De Boer hit the town in style this week. And as usual, their fans loved it.

Chelsea and Cole do allow their children to appear on Down Home Fab — even though they had concerns over how Teen Mom 2 was impacting them.

But there is a key difference. The home improvement show does not focus upon the private lives of their kids. The drama is about replacing cabinets, not their family’s ups and downs.

“One of the boundaries that we had was that [our HGTV show] wasn’t going to deep-dive into personal feelings of the kids,” Chelsea stated.

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Chelsea’s signature style has always been popular with fans. (Photo via Instagram)

“If the kids are going to be involved,” Chelsea explained, “it’s very lighthearted.”

Cole then added: “When we got this opportunity with HGTV we had boundaries in regard to our children.”

“And,” he continued, “there was nothing from HGTV that was going to cross that line.”

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Chelsea Houska recently revealed if she would ever consider starring in a Teen Mom spinoff series. Her response left many fans shocked.

“It wasn’t going to be about the personal experiences of our children and their lives,” Cole affirmed.

“We felt protected,” he expressed. “We felt like that was just fine.”

Meanwhile, fans can expect to see Randy Houska appear in several episodes. “It wouldn’t be my life if I didn’t ask my dad for advice!” Chelsea quipped. “He will be making appearances!”