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To the collective horror of the 90 Day Fiance fandom, Big Ed Brown and Liz Woods are back together after Season 7.

What’s worse, fans (and critics) saw them filming with other couples for some sort of “all stars” Marriage Boot Camp style spinoff.

We don’t know when that will air. But “fans” don’t have to wait to see Ed again. That is what social media is for.

Ed’s latest online antics involve clownish dancing while shopping for groceries. Yes, we have a new Big Ed dancing gif for you below. But his “goofy” behavior is not going over well with followers.

Reality TV villain Big Ed Brown danced ridiculously, on camera and in public, while holding a couple of items in a convenience store. (Image Credit: Instagram)

Big Ed Brown posted a video on Instagram this week.

He wore bright red crocks, surprisingly shiny pants, and an intense orange sweatshirt bearing a sportsball logo.

During the video, he danced down the aisles of a convenience store of some kind. Possibly a gas station. We cannot say for sure.

The notorious 90 Day Fiance villain Big Ed Brown is in full clown mode as he struts down the aisle of a convenience store. (Image Credit: Instagram)

“Rainy Day Snacks,” Big Ed wrote. Rainy days are few and far between in Southern California, but they happen most often during winter.

“#milkandcookies with teh boo thang,” he then wrote awkwardly, tagging on-again, off-again (a dozen times over) Liz Woods.

This confirmed their ill-advised reconciliation. But there’s more to it than that, according to commenters.

Even though other customers, presumably innocents, were present, Big Ed Brown still shimmied and shook while holding a couple of grocery items. (Image Credit: Instagram)

Critics took one look at Ed’s latest court jester routine and called him out.

“Cheapskate!” one called him for his gas station date night.

“You literally don’t deserve her,” another wrote. True. (Also, here is the GIF, as promised)

90 Day Fiance villain Big Ed Brown danced in the middle of a convenience store. One does not envy the other shoppers. (Image Credit: Instagram)

“Not cute by any means,” a new commenter accused.

“Milk and cookies?” asked a friendlier follower. “Get some burritos Ed!”

There was also some bizarre concern trolling about his choice of snacks. If you flip out seeing someone buy Oreos, you should talk to a therapist about it. You may have some disordered eating issues.

Liz Woods had a number of very reasonable things to say about Big Ed Brown during the Tell All. But then, after their eleventh breakup, she got back with him anyway. Let’s hope that the twelfth time is the charm. (Image Credit: TLC)

Even if she does keep inexplicably taking him back, Liz deserves better. Ed has kicked her out of the house during fights. He demanded his ring back on television. He belittles and insults her.

Just to be clear, grabbing a snack from a gas station doesn’t make you a bad boyfriend.

Unfortunately, so much of what Big Ed does to Liz does make him a bad boyfriend. A bad fiance. All around, a bad partner.