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James Duggar appears to be having the time of his life these days.

As we previously reported, the 21-year-old son of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar has broken with his family’s notoriously strict rules and customs by embarking on an unchaperoned tour of Europe.

And to the delight of fans, he’s been documenting the trip on social media.

First, James traveled to London, where he violated his family’s code of conduct by dining in a pub.

There he goes! James Duggar is off to London in this photo of the ex-reality star.

(As far as we can tell, James didn’t down any pints, but just being in the presence of booze is a no-no in the Duggars’ world!)

From there, it was on to Rome, where James was joined by his eldest sister, Jana.

(Jana was violating the rules for Duggar women by traveling without a chaperone, and you can be sure her parents are not happy about James’ bad influence!)

Jana Duggar traveled to Rome with her brother. Will she ever return home? (Photo via Instagram)

Insiders say James’ parents have been quite vocal about their displeasure with his travels and his social media content.

And while he’s made certain concessions — James dropped the “Duggars Gone Wild” title from his YouTube channel, reportedly at his parents’ request — it seems he has no plans of cutting his trip short.

From Rome, James made his way north to Venice, where he posed for the photo below.

James has been enjoying Europe for over a week now. (Photo via Instagram)

From there, he and a friend named Elijah made their way to Switzerland, where they encountered some “wild” times at a pre-lenten carnival.

“So apparently there is a carnival that happens only once a year and we are right in the middle of it!!!” Elijah explained in an Instagram story.

“Absolutely amazing!!!” he added.

James Duggar and his friend Elijah have traveled to Switzerland. (Photo via Instagram)

It seems that James and Elijah traveled to the famously neutral and mountainous nation in order to do some skiing, but they were surprised to find themselves at the center of Schmutziger Donnerstag, or Fat Thursday, celebrations.

Jim Bob doesn’t even approve of Catholicism, so you can be sure he’s not thrilled with the idea of his son partaking in pre-Lent debauchery.

Perhaps that’s why James made sure to document some quiet times on the trip, as well.

“Me and Elijah just sitting in our room…” he captioned one photo.

We don’t know for sure if James and Elijah have been joining in the Fat Thursday-week festivities, but you can be sure Jim Bob and Michelle are assuming the worst.

We also don’t know when James might be headed home.

James Duggar is testing his boundaries.

But you can be sure it won’t be soon enough for his ultra-conservative parents!

And once he arrives back at the Duggar Compound, the college-aged rebel might find that his family is eager to put a stop to his wanderlust.

Hopefully, James won’t allow his parents to clip his wings!