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It’s not really a surprise to hear that Prince William kinda sucks. Most drew that conclusion about the accused cheater years ago.

But hearing Prince Harry describe his lived experiences, in interviews and in his new book, shines new light on his brother’s failings.

Everyone knew this going in, long before the first excerpts of Spare became public.

Now, royal insiders describe the Prince and Princess of Wales’ reaction to Harry’s truth. It’s not a happy one.

Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle have spent a good deal of time together in the past week. And some say the signs of strain are obvious. (Photo via Getty Images)

An inside source spoke to Us Weekly about how Harry’s brother and his sister-in-law are reacting to all of this.

According to the insider, the royal pair are both “very upset about Harry’s revelations.”

People who grow up in a culture of abject secrecy, particularly those who enjoy special protections from public scrutiny, seldom enjoy seeing their misdeeds in print.

Prince William and Kate Middleton take in a Boston Celtics game. (Photo by Paul Edwards – Pool/Getty Images)

“It’s hit them very hard,” the source characterized.

The insider then added that “They’re both confiding in each other right now.”

As always, the source shared, William and Kate would have preferred to have “handled these issues behind closed doors.”

Harry and William
Remember when Prince Harry and Prince William used to be close? Feels like a very long time ago.

Accustomed to a veil of secrecy over personal drama, they couple “wished Harry [weren’t] so public and cutting,” the insider added.

Spare is not actually available to the public yet. The release date is Tuesday, January 10.

But the book did not need to be in circulation to make international headlines. Particularly not as various reports began featuring early excerpts.

Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton Enjoy Sports Together
The Duchesses watching the Wimbledon championship together.

In Spare, Prince Harry details his childhood, including his erstwhile fraternal bond with William.

The death of his mother, the late and beloved Princess Diana, factors greatly in his memoir just as it did in his life.

And of course the book covers conflict with William and Kate amidst his relationship and marriage to Meghan Markle.

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Harry’s memoir is already creating controversy. (Photo via Instagram)

In one chapter, the Duke of Sussex describes a tense afternoon discussion that ended in a “shouting” match.

This was in 2018, and the two couples went on a sort of double date style tea in order to “clear the air.”

As it turned out, William and Kate felt slighted that Harry and Meghan hadn’t given them “Easter presents.” If you’re unfamiliar with that tradition, well, so are Harry and Meghan. This left Harry confused.

Kate Middleton Cracks Up
Kate Middleton finds something funny in this photo. We wonder what it is.

Apparently, Kate also confronted Meghan about referring to her having “baby brain” after welcoming Prince Louis.

The seemingly innocuous remark apparently upset Kate, who scolded her that “we’re not close enough for you to talk about my hormones.”

Harry describes: “Willy pointed at Meg. ‘It’s rude, Meghan. It’s not what’s done here in Britain.'” Beans-on-Toast island has their own way of doing things, and sometimes it’s very uptight.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle with Oprah
Prince Harry sits here with Meghan Markle and talks very openly about Oprah.

Prince Harry is speaking about his life and his experiences.

But he does not hate his family. In fact, he would love to patch things up with his father and brother.

But the ball is in their court — when it comes to reconciling, and when it comes to whether Harry attends Charles’ May coronation.