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Taylor Lewis might not be a name that immediately rings a bell for Teen Mom 2 fans, but as a friend of Jenelle Evans and the mother of Cortland Rogers’ child, she was a semi-regular presence on the show circa 2014.

Sadly, recent social media posts indicate that Taylor lost her battle with addiction this week and died from an apparent overdose.

Details about the situation are scarce, but word of Lewis’ death comes from those who knew her well, and unfortunately, there’s no reason to doubt the accuracy of those reports.

One of the associates who posted a tribute to Taylor is Jenelle herself.

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Jenelle Evans’ friend Taylor Lewis has passed away. (Photo via Twitter)

And some folks are not impressed with Evans’ comments about her departed friend.

“Taylor what happened?! We were once best friends and we went our separate ways because of the diff crowds we chose to hangout with,” Evans wrote on Facebook.

“I wanted to see you eventually flourish as a woman from a distance but was always rooting for you. I don’t know what happened but I am very saddened to hear this news and hope you’re resting easy,” Evans continued.

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“I’m so sorry and sending your family prayers #SweetAngel #RIP,” the former reality star concluded, adding:

“(I feel awful for not answering her in March 2022, but I felt like she wasn’t doing her best)”

Not surprisingly, many took issue with Jenelle’s need to point out Lewis’ struggles, seemingly for the purpose of justifying her own decision to cut ties with her.

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Jenelle Evans is seen here complaining that she was left out of the cast of Teen Mom: Family Reunion. (Photo via YouTube)

Jenelle is an addict, and while she continues to drink heavily and consume other substances, she claims it’s been several years since she’s used opiates, which were formerly her drug of choice.

So Evans might have felt that she would be unable to spend time with Taylor without being tempted to use again.

Still, there was no reason to mention her most recent interaction with Lewis, or to tell the world that the departed mother of one was in a deteriorating state at the time.

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Hi there, Jenelle Evans! This is a screen grab we took from a video she shared on social media. (Photo via Inastagram)

On Reddit, commenters were quick to point out the insensitivity and narcissism in Jenelle’s remarks.

“Old friend that Jenelle admits to ignoring dies. Jenelle: How can I make this about meeeeeee,” one person wrote.

“Absolutely disgusting Jenelle and you really should be ashamed of yourself. This is an all time low,” another added.

“Janelle is really awful,” a third chimed in.

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The most common complaint had to do with Jenelle’s bizarre decision to point out that Taylor “wasn’t doing her best” the last time their paths crossed.

“Why even add that?? She really thought how can I make this about myself,” one person wondered.

“That’s exactly what I was thinking too. It wasn’t necessary to add and like she’s anyone to even comment about someone not doing their best,” a second pointed out.

Jenelle Evans just gave YouTube fans a look at her daily life. It turns out she hates work even more than we thought. (Photo via YouTube)

“Ironic coming from someone who is and always has been the literal worst,” a third remarked.

Jenelle has yet to respond to the criticism of her remarks.

In this case that might be for the best — she’s already said quite enough on the topic of Taylor.