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When the world first learned that Prince Harry planned to release a memoir, thoughts immediately turned to the rest of the royals and how they would respond to one of their own providing a public account of life within the world’s most famous family.

Harry’s literary debut doesn’t hit stores until next week, but copies leaked to several major media outlets have provided an early glimpse of the book’s most scandalous excerpts.

And we think it’s safe to say that Harry won’t be getting back into his family’s good graces anytime soon.

The leaked portion that’s attracted the most attention is the one in which Harry alleges that William assaulted him during an argument about Meghan Markle in 2019.

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But that’s certainly not the only passage that offers a less than flattering portrayal of the future king.

In one segment published today by Us Weekly, Harry reveals that he was brutally mocked by William after he suffering a panic attack during an official engagement.

“I was an agoraphobe. Which was nearly impossible given my public role,” Harry recalls in the book.

Harry opened up like never before in his recent Netflix documentary. (Photo via Netflix)

“After one speech, which couldn’t be avoided or canceled, and during which I’d nearly fainted, Willy came up to me backstage. Laughing,” he continued.

“‘Harold! Look at you! You’re drenched.’”

Harry says he was stunned and “couldn’t fathom” his brother’s cruel words, as William of all people should have understood his struggle.

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Harry’s memoir is already creating controversy. (Photo via Instagram)

Harry went on to reveal that William was present the first time he experienced a panic attack, and thus should have been more sympathetic.

“Him of all people. He’d been present for my very first panic attack. With [Princess] Kate. We were driving out to a polo match in Gloucestershire, in their Range Rover,” the Duke of Sussex writes in his memoir.

“I was in the back and Willy peered at me in the rearview. He saw me sweating, red-faced,” he continues.

Prince William and Harry
Prince William and Prince Harry don’t get along very well anymore. They may not even be on speaking terms.

“‘You all right, Harold?’ No, I wasn’t. It was a trip of several hours and every few miles I wanted to ask him to pull over so I could jump out and try to catch my breath.

“He’d told me that day or soon after that I needed help. And now he was teasing me? I couldn’t imagine how he could be so insensitive.”

Harry goes on to say that he also bares some responsibility for the deterioration of his relationship with William.

Prince Harry and Prince William with Duchesses
William and Harry, side-by-side during happier times. (Photo via Getty)

“But I was at fault too,” he shares.

“Both of us should’ve known better, should’ve recognized my crumbling emotional and mental states for what they were, because we’d just started to discuss the launching of a public campaign to raise awareness around mental health.

In recent years, Harry has become an outspoken advocate for greater awareness and acceptance of mental health issues.

Prince Harry and William
Prince Harry and William don’t always seem eye to eye. But they probably do love each other. (Photo via Getty)

His goal in writing this book was clearly to provide an unfiltered account of his own struggles and the times in which he was not supported by those around him.

But we’re sure his family won’t see it that way.

In fact, many are predicting that Harry’s book might be the end of his relationship with William.