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During Love in Paradise: The Caribbean, viewers first got to know Daniele Gates and Yohan Geronimo.

The two seem like total opposites. Even so, they love each other and have now been married for over a year.

But on the 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Season 4 premiere, Daniele blindsided Yohan.

She told him that his American dream is dead. Instead of moving to New York like they had agreed, she’s decided on a new plan.

On Season 4, Episode 1 of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, Daniele Gates recapped her story for those unfamiliar.

After taking a few years off from dating, Daniele got back into the game.

She met Yohan Geronimo on a trip to the Dominican Republic. Yohan happens to be extremely gorgeous. He made quite an impression, and clearly, so did she. Yohan asked her to marry him on a return trip.

Daniele quipped that she literally cannot see “eye to eye” on things with Yohan. The Dominican hunk is 6-foot-7.

He speaks very little English, and there is more than just a language barrier. Daniele is very spiritual and is a yoga teacher, while Yohan is an evangelical Christian.

Despite having different priorities, life goals, beliefs, and (literally) seeing the world from different perspectives, the two married in late 2021.

But not amount of mutual attraction or marriage can magically make key differences go away.

Daniele has found that she pays for everything in Yohan’s life when she’s with him. He makes just enough to survive, so that makes sense.

But they have clashed over some expenditures. According to her, Yohan once ate $200 worth of peanuts. We are assuming that the hotel overcharges, and that it was not in one sitting.

In New York, Daniele explains to her friends after a yoga class that this will be her last class. She feels tired of the city and the “chaos” and how expensive everything is.

Originally, she and Yohan had agreed that she would bring him to the United States on a spousal visa.

Daniele has now changed her mind. She plans to move to the DR to be with him. And no, she hasn’t told Yohan this.

At this point, one of her friends brought up the concept of a “sanky panky.” The whimsical label refers to attractive men who get jobs at or near hotels so that they can thirst-trap tourists.

Since meeting Yohan, Daniele has heard that term plenty of times. And it sounds like she’s tired of it.

She and Yohan are committed to each other. They are married. And they are planning their lives together … though they now have different plans, and only Daniele knows it.

Daniele went to dinner with her friends, Sandra and Lizzette. Honestly? I want these two on Pillow Talk.

The plan right now is to finish teaching for the rest of the school year. Then she will give up everything and move to the DR with two suitcases. She’s looking forward to chill, relaxing vibes on the beach.

But … she won’t have a job or another income. Her friends reminded her that vacationing somewhere is very different from living there. Daniele brushes aside these worries, saying that she will “manifest” her new life.

Daniele plans to teach yoga … one day a week. She hopes that teaching over Zoom will make up the difference.

Lizzette worried that, for all of Daniele’s reasons to leave the city, “she’s walking into chaos and she doesn’t even realize it.”

But both of Daniele’s friends felt shocked when she admitted that she hasn’t told Yohan. As far as he knows, she’s filing the spousal visa to bring him to America. Oh no!

Then, it was time for Yohan’s introduction.

People in his community, he explained to viewers, work hard but do not make more than enough to simply survive. Yes, he hopes to come to America.

But he also gushed over Daniele and how much he adores her.

Yohan is learning English, little by little. Daniele’s Spanish is much further along.

His hope is that this will help him communicate with his wife, but will also give him more opportunities when he moves to the US.

The screenshot that we used isn’t super relevant to his learning English, but it seemed worth including. For reasons. (You’re welcome)


Daniele and Yohan embraced joyfully at the airport. He even presented her with flowers.

Now that she is there in the DR, they have a lot to do together … including breaking some news to him.

The two stood side by side while speaking to the camera.

Daniele admitted, in English, that she needed to find a way to tell him that he’s not going to New York like they had planned.

Yohan clearly picked up on some of those words, but perhaps wasn’t entirely clear on what she was saying.

Daniele didn’t jump right into breaking the big news.

Instead, she began gushing about the scenery, praising how beautiful the DR is.

Eventually, though, she had to get a little less subtle about her plans to move.

Daniele started talking about getting a long-term apartment. This is apparently how she decided to break the news.

Yohan expressed confusion. This was, after all, nothing at all like what they had planned. The polar opposite, in fact.

Daniele noted that her rent is very expensive — $4,000 a month. And even though there are many other places to live in America, she said that moving to the DR was the best option.

That is not what Yohan wanted. But she told him that she had changed her mind. Yohan basically had no choice to get with the program.

And Daniele went on to tell Yohan that his American “dream” is not real.

Fans have speculated on social media that Daniele’s alleged change of heart is a cover for something else, like visa troubles. But we cannot say for certain.