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Gwendlyn Brown has shifted her focus from members of the Sister Wives family…

… to those in charge of putting Sister Wives on the air.

Over the last few weeks, the 21-year old daughter of Christine and Kody Brown has delved extensively into various issues affecting her alleged loved ones.

For example, Gwendlyn that her brother is a racist maniac and that Meri Brown has a violent side.

In her latest YouTube video, meanwhile, the reality star alleged she was asked to discuss being bisexual on the TLC series amid the divorce of her parents, explaining what happened on an October episode as follows:

“I look so mad in the moment, and I wasn’t even upset. I was a little disappointed.

“I thought we were going to talk about the divorce. And all of the sudden, they were like, ‘We’re going to talk about your sexuality, Gwendlyn.'”

Brown added in the footage:

“They were like, ‘Ooh, we have another queer. We’re going to exploit that. And make ourselves famous.'”

Back in August 2020, Gwendlyn came out as a raging bisexual (to use her own term/words).

She and her girlfriend, Beatriz Queiroz, got engaged in November 2022.

As it turns out, Gwendlyn is not the first LGBTQ+ member of the Brown family, as Meri and Kody’s only child, Leon, came out as transgender last summer and now uses they/them pronouns.

Pretty much the only positive thing we can say about Kody Brown is that he has been fully supportive of both these kids after their reveal.

More than two years after first coming out as bi on social media, Gwendlyn Brown shared that she is bisexual on an episode of Sister Wives. Good for her! (Image Credit: TLC)

After making her exploitation claim on YouTube, Gwendlyn backtracked a little bit.

“I’m sure it’s not, but it did feel weird. They also had me talk about my autism here too. I was like, ‘That’s weird.’ I thought we were going to talk about my parents’ divorce,” she continued.

On the aforementioned Sister Wives episode, Gwendlyn opened up about her sexuality, sharing on air:

“I’m bisexual. I’m not only attracted to women. I’m also attracted to men and people who fall into other gender spectrums.”

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Gwendlyn Brown is engaged! She smiles broadly here alongside fiancee Beatriz Queiroz.

Of her relationship with Gwendlyn, mother Christine said at the time:

“She teases me about having celebrity crushes on women and I’m also partially gay. I’m not. She loves teasing about it.

:My female celebrity crushes are Blake Lively, Kelly Clarkson [and] Emily Blunt. They’re just beautiful. I can’t help but admire them.”

TLC, for its part, has not yet commented on Gwendlyn’s accusation.

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Gwendlyn Brown poses here with her mother, Christine, who is a key cast member on the show Sister Wives.

In this week’s recap, Gwendlyn also called out Kody for his comments about Christine amid their split.

“I was probably the most verbal about him not being active in our lives,” she said of her dad.

“So if anybody’s to blame, it’s actually him, but if anybody’s to blame about talking about it, it’s also probably him but a little bit me.”