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During the final installment of the four-part Tell All special, Angela Deem announced plans to file for divorce.

Michael cheated on her with an Instagram mistress. It was, in her mind, vindication for how she has treated him. And it broke her trust.

A lot of 90 Day Fiance fans, people who have followed Angela and Michael’s story since day one, are calling BS.

It’s not just that they know that Angela and Michael are back together. They don’t think that she really intended to end things.

We’ll start with the 90 Day Fiance? Happily Ever After? Tell All Part 4. It actually began with her husband.

Over Angela’s objections, Michael Ilesanmi walked over to the neighboring building to speak to Usman “Sojaboy” Umar.

Usman was quick to acknowledge that Angela would not want the two of them to speak.

Usman, as we noted in our exhaustive recap of the finale, quipped that Angela “knows that I’m smarter” than Michael.

He added that she fears that he will turn Michael against her.

Frankly, if Angela’s atrocious and abusive behavior can’t turn Michael against her … we fear that nothing can. Except a wakeup call.

Usman made it very clear that he does not respect Angela. And that he will not stop defending himself from her attacks.

But Usman also noted that he will avoid Michael. Even if Michael wants to hang out. Why? For Angela’s sake.

It’s not that Usman likes Angela — honestly, who does? It’s more about how he does not want to cause further problems in their marriage. Or anyone’s marriage.

Of course, Angela and Michael have never needed Usman’s help to have problems in their marriage. Michael acts up. And Angela is a walking, talking problem.

Angela spoke to the camera, threatening to move to Florida and date Chuck Potthast. Many fans like Chuck. He deserves better.

If Michael made any joke like that, she would flip out. For Angela, there is one set of rules for her — none — and then the rules for others.

Sadly, Andrei and producers were not the only people to hear Angela talk about her desire to move on from Michael.

Poor Valentino at the hotel bar had to not only hear Big Ed Brown’s racist impression of a Mexican person, but also Angela’s sexual fantasies.

She spoke about his desire for “wild sex” from someone new after five years with Michael. Many retail and food service workers have to hear this kind of thing, but that doesn’t make it okay to hold someone hostage. It’s his job — he can’t beg you to stop.

Funnily enough, Angela predicted that both Liz and Ed and Kimberly and Usman would get back together.

Notably, both of those couples were broken up (Ed demanded his ring back on the Tell All stage) and neither were married.

At the same time, Angela expressed her doubts about having any kind of future with her actual husband, Michael.

Speaking to producers and to castmates, Angela declared her intention to file to divorce Michael.

“Right now, divorce is definitely on the table,” she confirmed.

“I’m definitely gonna file,” Angela went on. “That doesn’t mean I’m gonna sign.”

“I’m mentally exhausted and I’m very hurt,” Angela commented, referring to her husband’s cheating scandal.

“With Michael’s lying and all, and all the stuff I just found out, I don’t think he’s ever loved me,” she expressed.

Angela then added: “I think he loves me ’cause everything I’ve done for him, but he can’t tell me why he’s in love with me.”

Despite Angela’s stated desire to move on and find someone less “toxic,” fans cried foul. Others just rolled their eyes.

After five years and all of this drama — most of which, Angela inflicted upon Michael — no one imagined that this would be the end.

And, just two months after the Tell All filmed (in September), a fan spotted the couple at a supermarket in Nigeria.

A Twitter user by the name of Haneefah Adam spotted and photographed married 90 Day Fiance stars Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi. The tweet dates to November 11, 2022. (Image Credit: Twitter)

This means that Angela returned to Nigeria pretty soon after her claims about planning to divorce Michael.

And then she went on to share a video featuring Michael the following month, in December.

Of course they’re (sadly, for Michael’s sake) not over — and fans were right to scoff.