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Now that the 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Season 7 Tell All has truly ended, so has the season.

Not everyone’s relationship status was the same at the end of Part 4 as it was at the beginning of Part 1.

But one of the season’s long-running relationships seemed to be at a crossroads the entire time.

Angela Deem told cameras that she fully intends to file to divorce Michael Ilesanmi. But she had more to say, too.

At the beginning of the final installment of Season 7’s unprecedented four-part Tell All special, we saw the action in Nigeria.

Michael had ignored his wife’s commands, and gone over to speak to Usman “Sojaboy” Umar. Usman was filming in a neighboring building.

They discussed their differences — namely, Angela. Usman noted that Angela is clearly afraid that he will turn Michael against her.

In the strongest possible terms, Usman made it clear that he has no intention of backing down in the face of Angela’s attacks.

However, he did say that he will avoid Michael — even over Michael’s objections. This is what Angela wants.

Whatever he thinks of Angela and of this toxic marriage, Usman does not want to be the “cause” of another marriage’s problems.

But Angela and Michael’s marriage has no shortage of its own issues. Usman does not need to help.

Backstage at the Tell All, Angela joked that she should simply move to Florida and date Andrei’s father-in-law, Chuck Potthast.

We can hopefully all agree that Chuck deserves better than that. Angela’s behavior is unbecoming of any partner.

And at the hotel bar, Angela had even more to say. She was not the only franchise villain to harass the bartender.

Where Big Ed gave a super racist impression to Valentino, Angela decided to discuss her desire for “wild sex” with someone new.

If you have ever worked in retail or food services, you know that there are people like this. They love having a captive audience who can only smile and nod at the risk of losing their jobs.

Angela predicted that a lot of people — Liz and Ed, Kimberly and Usman — wouldn’t remain broken up.

In Liz’s case, because this eleventh breakup came after ten reconciliations. What’s one more? (A nightmare, that’s what)

In Usman’s case, it’s because she believes that he is a scammer who sees Kimberly as a mark.

But at the end of the episode, Angela spoke to producers and confirmed her plans for her marriage to Michael.

“Right now, divorce is definitely on the table,” she announced. But there is some nuance to all of this. A glimmer of hope (or the opposite of hope) for their marriage.

“I’m definitely gonna file,” Angela continued. “That doesn’t mean I’m gonna sign.”

“I’m mentally exhausted and I’m very hurt,” Angela expressed, a reference to his cheating with an Instagram mistress.

“With Michael’s lying and all, and all the stuff I just found out, I don’t think he’s ever loved me,” she added.

Angela went on: “I think he loves me ’cause everything I’ve done for him, but he can’t tell me why he’s in love with me.”

Angela noted that, after so many other conflicts, it was Michael’s cheating that “went too far.” Her worst fear is that he hopes to come to the US only to meet up with this other woman.

She may end up dating again — someone other than Michael.

Angela threatened that she is “someone who makes me laugh. Not always toxic.” If you match that description, run!

A Twitter user by the name of Haneefah Adam spotted and photographed married 90 Day Fiance stars Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi. The tweet dates to November 11, 2022. (Image Credit: Twitter)

But you may be relatively safe. Last year, months after the Tell All filmed, a fan spotted Michael and Angela together.

Contrary to what rumors you may have heard, they were in Nigeria. You can tell by paying attention to the details in the shopping center behind them.

So it appears that they worked things out. Or are working things out. Our thoughts go out to Michael. Cheating is bad, but abuse is always worse.