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During this weekend’s episode of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?, Angela threatened violence against Michael’s friends.

She is no stranger to violence. Viewers saw her lay hands on Michael this season.

But things seemed to be on relatively good terms when Angela left Nigeria at the end of the episode.

The promo, however, shows Angela breaking down in tears, accusing Michael of doing something unforgivable. What happened?

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As Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi’s segment of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Season 7, Episode 16 began, she was pissed.

That often seems to be her default state. It is by design — abusers like to keep their victims on their toes.

This time, however, Angela’s foul mood had to do with their destination. They were driving to meet up with the “Goofballs,” Peter and Ade.

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Angela loathes Michael’s friends. She feels that they are a bad influence. And she was already cursing up a storm before they joined them at the table.

Angela asked them how they even knew that she was in Nigeria. This was a surprise visit, even for Michael.

But it turned out that news of a “white lady” throwing a screaming tantrum outside of Michael’s home had spread. They all knew that this could only be Angela.

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Peter and Ade see Angela for what she is.

They have witnessed her atrocious behavior. And they have of course heard horror stories.

It cannot be easy for them to watch their friend endure an abusive marriage. They only hope that she will be kinder to Michael when he goes to the United States.

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Angela began to lay out her list of grievances against Michael.

She claimed that Michael had been using Instagram to “flirt” with other women.

Viewers have seen no evidence of this. Either production is choosing to not show it, or Angela has invented this out of paranoia and malice.

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As Angela ranted, Ade asked her to calm down.

Angela’s reaction was to double down on her rage, declaring that she was “getting ready to knock this motherf–ker out.”

Peter and Ade had made one or two crass remarks and expressed their shock at some of her behavior. That alone set her off.

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Unfortunately, Angela had Michael securely under her heel.

He actually defended her to his friends, reminding them that she is his wife.

“Something wrong with you?” he asked. Michael might be better off asking that question into a mirror, given his choice in a spouse.

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It was Angela’s turn to say things better uttered into a mirror, as she called Michael’s friends “nasty” and “foul.”

Frankly, one could not unreasonably dislike some of the phrasing that Michael’s friends used. That much is fine.

But Angela’s rage continued to boil beyond reason. Michael, eager to diffuse the situation, guided her to walk away.

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As we noted, the “Goofballs” understand Angela’s true nature.

“She’s a villain,” they confirmed after she was out of earshot. “Villain.”

They are correct. And we share their concerns for Michael’s well-being.

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Angela and Michael were disturbingly horny in the hotel room.

While Angela held a lit cigarette in the building that she shared with others, Michael lifted her into the air.

This PDA was a lot for viewers to witness. It was also part of their farewell. Angela was returning home to Georgia.

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Michael had a bit of a slip of the tongue after Angela boarded her flight.

He briefly referred to his “single life” before laughing and correcting it to his “single married life.”

Fortunately, Angela was out of earshot. Michael might have been unsafe otherwise. Still, things were peaceful between them.

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And yet the promo for Season 7, Episode 17 are telling a very different story.

A despondent, angry, even hurt Angela sits outside back home in Georgia. She is in a state of despair.

“This right here,” she tells producers, discussing something that “Michael did.”

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Angela does not specify in the promo. It is almost certain that editors simply removed the context. This is, after all, a teaser.

We hear her complain that Michael “did it all behind my back.”

What did he do? We do not yet know. Given Angela’s history of paranoia, hysteria, and false accusations towards him … it may be about nothing at all.

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For some 90 Day Fiance cast members, the presence of a carton of cigarettes might indicate high stress. For Angela, it is one of her default accessories — even in cars, in hotels, around children, around the sick.

“I don’t want to believe it,” she blubbers at the camera.

“But there’s no way — there’s no way to defend it,” Angela says, breaking down into tears.

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Obviously, it is possible that Angela has simply imagined something.

But we all know the story of the Boy Who Cried Wolf. At this point, it would be almost funny if Michael actually cheated — or even just actually flirted.

Some might argue that it would serve her right, after her outrageous and abusive behavior. Others might disagree.