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Even though Natalie was reluctant to choose between Mike and Josh, Mike Youngquist is no longer her spouse.

At least, not in any real or practical sense. We all know that 90 Day: The Single Life divorce timelines can be complicated. Just like in real life.

For a long time, fans have speculated that Mike has moved on — with one woman in particular.

Now we know that they’re not just friends. Mike is dating Rock of Love Bus alum Marcia “Brazil” Alves.

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Recently, In Touch Weekly was able to confirm that Mike Youngquist is dating Marcia Brazil.

“[Mike and Marcia] are seeing each other,” the inside source reported.

It is worth noting that the two reality TV personalities share a representative.

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Things are not good at all in their marriage. After Mike blew up at their last confessional filming the night before, he has not seen or spoken to Natalie … and not for lack of trying.

Representative Howard “Howie” Wood spoke early this autumn about then-rumors.

“I can only say that Mike and Marcia enjoy the time they spend together,” he said.

“They are both my clients,” Wood noted, “Marcia since the Rock of Love days and coincidentally, Mike is also a client.”

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Even after months and months of Natalie living elsewhere in the country, Mike had held out hope that they might get back together … but that hope died when Jovi revealed that Natalie had come to dinner in New Orleans with another man. What a way to wrap up the season.

Wood added: “They both are extremely busy professionally and when they have the time to see each other, they do.”

However, it is now December. And it sounds like Wood’s clients have left him a little more free to dish on their life together.

“Mike and Marcia [are] still going strong and spending lots of time together,” he shared this month.

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Viewers are treated to a glimpse at Mike’s fitness regime, which involves a large tire. Natalie seems to have fully recovered from her nasal surgery … except of course for the fallout from what happened.

There has been speculation about Mike and Marcia for a long time, so it’s great to hear that they’re going strong.

Mike was not a good partner to Natalie — and she was not a good partner to him. They had a toxic engagement and then a toxic marriage.

But people want good things for him. Fans want Mike to find happiness — and they’re glad that it’s with someone new, and not with Natalie.

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There was a time during this season when Natalie and Mike almost appeared to be on the verge of reconciling.

Viewers recoiled in horror when they threatened to get back together.

Their relationship was toxic even before Natalie took her first trip to Sequim, Washington. It only became worse from there.

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Fortunately, Mike and Natalie did not get back together.

Natalie seemed to want to have her cake (Mike) and eat it too (Josh), even though she was extremely judgmental of Caesar Mack having two girlfriends.

She all but called the guy a monster. Meanwhile, his polyamorous situation was fully consensual. Neither Josh nor Mike had agreed to Natalie’s little triangle. Hypocrisy much?

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Fortunately, as we previously reported, Natalie and Mike did not end up together.

A fan spotted Natalie and Josh out and about.

That seemed to be a strong indicator that Natalie was not back with Mike.

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Something interesting that several social media users have noted is that Natalie seems to post throwback pics with Mike at … specific times.

Namely, whenever Mike and Marcia are spending time together.

Perhaps Natalie should undergo some much needed therapy and get some closure if she’s serious about moving on. Because Mike already has.