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Kody Brown has a pretty warped view of love.

We know, right?

Such a statement is about as shocking as saying that the sky is blue, the Pope is Catholic and/or Kanye West is a dangerous anti-Semite.

It still feels notable, however, especially when one considers the way Kody talks about his relationships on the next all-new episode of Sister Wives.

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In a clip published by People Magazine, we see Kody and Janelle getting into a beef due to the former’s belief that “there’s this unwillingness from some members of the family to accept other members of the family.”

In this case, the selfish father of 18 is referencing how some family members take issue with Kody’s only legal wife, Robyn Brown.

“I have somebody in my life who is fundamentally loyal to me who sees me as the head of the family,” Kody says on air, addressing Janelle and citing Robyn, just not by name.

“I’m saying to you that you and I get that if you’re loyal to me.”

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Janelle Brown argues here with her terrible husband about where, exactly, she should live.

Ah, yes, LOYALTY. That’s how Kody views all of his relationships.

As he hammers his point home further, Kody clarifies that he’s not saying Janelle needs to behave exactly like Robyn. (Even though he obviously is saying this.)

“I’m telling Janelle to just be loyal,” he says via confessional.

“I have 100 percent loyalty from Robyn. So, okay, yeah, I guess that’s like Robyn. Nope. I’m just asking for loyalty. I’m asking to be the head of my household.”

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This episode airs on December 4 and was filmed many months ago… in the wake of Christine Brown walking away from her spiritual marriage.

There’s been a great deal of chatter of late that Janelle has done the same.

“As far as any relationship, any marriage goes, I think [Janelle’s] similar to, in Meri’s situation where she’s just staying in a marriage that’s not really a marriage,” Janelle’s aunt said very recently, adding:

“I don’t think they’ve had a marriage for a long, long, long time. It’s just platonic.”

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Janelle Brown is featured in this scene from a Season 17 episode of Sister Wives.

On this upcoming installment, meanwhile, Janelle will push back (hard!) on Kody’s point of view.

“I’m not going to be this person. I’m not going to become Robyn,” she says in a confessional.

“It frustrates me beyond belief that he perceives this one wife, this one relationship [as] she’s so perfect, she’s such a saint, she was so nice to us and she was treated so wrong.

“So everybody better apologize for being mean to her or else this isn’t going to work anymore.

“This is the subtext I’ve been hearing this whole damn day.”

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It’s been an open secret for ages that Kody loves Robyn best; Christine has cited this as a major reason she had to move back to Utah

“Kody’s been a broken record about this for the last little bit, how Robyn’s been so victimized,” Janelle continues in this clip.

“She was so sweet to everybody. She put herself out there. I don’t perceive it that way. I perceive that we were plural families trying to figure it out.

“And she always kind of kept herself a little separate.”

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Continuing to get worked up about the sensitive matter, Janelle wonders if her husband would be “acting this defensive” about her if the “situation was reversed,” prompting Kody to respond as follows:

“You and I’ve been acting like we weren’t a married couple for most of our marriage, Janelle.

“I don’t know why it’s been okay for so many years, and it’s not now, but you actually live like a single woman.”

Sister Wives airs Sundays at 10/9c on TLC.