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Veronica Rodriguez revealed that she is dating someone on the 90 Day: The Single Life Season 3 Tell All special Part 1.

No, she isn’t back with Justin. The guy was hot, but kind of a f–kboy. Also, he’s moving to Florida.

The Part 2 teaser didn’t reveal her new man, but it showed some … hints. And fans think that he’s a familiar face.

Is Veronica dating Jamal Menzies, Kimberly’s total smokeshow of a son?

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No one is surprised that Veronica Rodriguez did not get back with Justin.

They had a lot of fun on their Asheville getaway, sure. That’s clearly what he wanted. Veronica wanted something more.

He did not win himself any new fans on the Tell All special, either. It’s not that he’s a bad guy, he’s just a f–kboy, as Veronica said.

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As we said, Veronica shared that she is dating.

But she didn’t say who.

Some teasers ahead of Part 2 have cropped up, each stopping short of showing the mystery man’s face.

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“Def looks like Jamal to me,” wrote a redditor by the handle of Past_Bar8693.

We don’t entirely disagree. The hands, jewelry, and facial hair style seem like a reasonably good match for him.

Who is Jamal? Kimberly Menzies’ extremely patient heartthrob of a son.

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Jamal is an extremely handsome man. But his conspicuous good looks are not the only reason that fans love him.

He is level-headed and extremely patient, particularly in the face of his mother and her larger-than-life personality.

Kimberly sometimes makes confusing choices. Jamal has found a good balance for supporting her without having to agree.

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So Jamal has won over thirsty fans. And he has the sympathies of viewers who find him relatable due to their own “eccentric” mothers.

But … is he dating right now?

Jamal had a chance to address it after a bizarrely hostile message that he received on Instagram this week.

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“You obviously have a girlfriend,” a total weirdo accused. “Otherwise there’s something wrong with you.”

Not everyone wants a relationship all of the time. They are a lot of work.

Plus, some people never want relationships. Not everyone’s interested in women. And people can just be between relationships. Clearly, some “fans” need to get a grip.

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For the record, Jamal and Veronica do follow each other on social media.

But, like, following seldom means as much as people who stand out for not following each other.

Michael Jessen’s son follows Veronica on Instagram. Without confirmation, we can pretty confidently report that they are not dating. Of course castmates and their on-screen relatives follow each other.

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Would it work out?

Well, the age gap between Jamal and Veronica isn’t a big deal at all. They’re both Millennials. The guy’s in his late 20s. She’s in her mid 30s. That’s nothing.

Jamal lives in New York, and has been spending time in San Diego following the passing of his beloved grandmother. Veronica is from Charlotte, North Carolina. So … one of them might need to relocate.

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Veronica Rodriguez is wearing her birthday suit and some jewelry … and nothing else. Way to celebrate turning 37! (Photo credit: Instagram)

We’d suggest that people not jump the gun by making assumptions.

There are other handsome Black guys in Charlotte. NC has a richly diverse population. She’s more likely dating an unfamiliar face.

No matter who her new man turns out to be, we’re sure that fans will have something to say about it.