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There’s lack of self-awareness, and then there’s whatever is going on with Amber Portwood these days.

As you’ve likely heard by now, Amber has lost custody of her son, James, who will now be raised by his father, Amber’s ex-fiancé Andrew Glennon.

These are tough times for Portwood, and while many fans no doubt feel bad for her, quite a few are laughing at her response to her latest self-created problem.

Amber’s cluelessness is perhaps best summed up by a recent conversation with her previous baby daddy, Gary Shirley, that was captured by Teen Mom cameras.


Gary stays looking out ? Amber opens up about her co-parenting challenges with Andrew #TeenMom

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Amber kicked things off by saying that she contacted Andrew about the possibility of co-parenting.

(The scene was shot before she lost custody entirely.)

“I wanted to see where we were at with possibly co-parenting,” she explained to Gary.

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Amber says she recently asked Andrew Glennon if he’d like to amicably co-parent. (Photo via MTV)

Now, it’s a more than a little hilarious that Amber is complaining about her ex being unreasonable, considering she’s the one who chased him around the house with a machete while he was holding their baby.

But there was more funny/sad irony to come as Amber’s convo with Gary continued.

“Seriously, do you know how hard it is to co-parent?” she asked.

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Hilariously, Amber takes her complaints to Gary Shirley, who has suffered mightily because of her. (Photo via MTV)

“With someone who doesn’t want to co-parent?” he added.

Yes, she’s seriously asking Gary Shirley if he knows how hard it is to co-parent with a malignant narcissist.

Dude could literally write a book on that very subject.

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Teen Mom star Gary Shirley revealed that his teen daughter is in therapy and has given him permission to disclose this. (Photo via MTV)

Gary has raised Leah, his 13-year-old daughter with Amber, for most of the girl’s life.

Now, he generously opens his home to Amber and offers her advice — and some Teen Mom fans find it touching.

“I love how they’re comfortable with each other. They came a long way,” one fan commented on this scene, according to UK tabloid The Sun.

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Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley are sitting here and getting into it during a Teen Mom OG reunion. (Photo via MTV)

“I love how they’ve overcome so much and are able to have a very healthy relationship with co-parenting,” another added.

“He truly cares about Leah and makes sure that Amber is okay too because it’s what’s best for Leah,” a third chimed in.

Others were quick to point out that Amber’s absurd lack of self-awareness was on full display here.

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“Obviously, Gary and Kristina know how hard it is to co-parent with someone that doesn’t want to,” one person observed.

“Amber has had little involvement in the actual parenting of Leah,” another echoed.

“Did she really ask him does he know what it’s like to coparent with someone who doesn’t want to coparent?” asked a third.

Amber has been going through some through times. (Photo via MTV)

Others were quick to point out that the absurdity of the whole situation.

“Amber is like Christina and Gary’s adopted daughter now,” one person wrote.

Yes, perhaps it makes sense that Amber feels more comfortable as a child than a parent.

After all, she never really grew up.