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This week, Meri Brown posted a message of encouragement to her fans and followers.

Fans recently learns that Kody does not consider the two of them to be married anymore. Meri is interested in reconciling — but he isn’t.

Sister Wives viewers are confident that Meri can move on if she chooses to.

Unfortunately, the same fame-seeking creep who’s been hitting on Christine is offering “100% of” himself to Meri.

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Meri Brown flashes a smirk in this Instagram photo, which she shared in November 2022.

As we already reported, Meri shared a piece of vague self-help advice with her followers.

“Do your thing,” she suggested. “Do your thing in your own time and on your own terms.”

Meri wrote that people should “know who YOU are and don’t let them tell you any different.” Not bad advice!

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Obviously, many people commented to show Meri their emotional support and encouragement.

Unfortunately, one of these commenters was none other than Josh Seiter.

We’re not saying that he’s a monster — by all accounts, he isn’t. But we’ve reported more or less the same story about him multiple times this year. Only the names and details change.

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“Amen,” Josh wrote in one comment. It was the other, written a day later, that truly ground people’s gears.

“Hey Meri I heard the plural life wasn’t for her,” he began.

“So,” Josh quipped, “I’m offering 100 percent of me.”

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If you saw your friend leave a reply that under, well, just about anyone, you’d write “bonk” or otherwise roast them for being horny in such a public forum.

But Josh isn’t a random reply guy. Who is he?

Years ago, he had his first taste of “fame” when he was oh-so-briefly a contestant on Kaitlyn Bristowe’s season of The Bachelorette. He went home in the first week.

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In recent years, he has seemed to skirt the edges of reality TV fame.

He has dated women from multiple franchises. Clearly, he has pursued even more.

And now, he seems to have his eye on Kody Brown’s exes. First up was the first ex-wife: Christine.

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“Gorgeous,” he praised Christine.

He’s right. But should he be saying it?

In a later interview, Josh gleefully invited Christine out to dinner (in a public forum) and suggested that perhaps he’s the one for her. And he wasn’t done.

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Just last week, Josh gushed at Janelle that “Single looks good on you.”

Again, it’s true, but people are very suspicious when he is the one saying it.

Just this autumn, Josh dated 90 Day Fiance alum Karine Martins for several weeks.

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And she was not the first 90 Day Fiance star whom he dated. Yolanda Leak was another.

Everyone has a type. And we would genuinely love to believe that Josh Seiter is simply a guy who is super into MILFs and not afraid to let them know.

But … hitting on three Sister Wives stars like this sounds like he’s a fame-seeker who’s shooting his shot and seeing what sticks. Like he wants to make more headlines. And, so far, it’s working.