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We interrupt our usual Sister Wives coverage of severed relationships between Kody Brown and his spiritual spouses to bring you …

… Sister Wives coverage of a different severed relationship between two of Kody Brown’s spiritual spouses.

On Sunday night, TLC aired part one of the Season 17 tell-all reunion special, which featured a interviews between Christine Brown and Meri Brown and host Sukanya Krishnan.

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At one point, Krishnan asked Meri how she felt just over a year ago when Christine announced she was leaving Kody and moving back to Utah.

“I felt very betrayed by her and that she was leaving me too,” Meri explained on air. “Cause she has always said, ‘I didn’t just want the man. I want the sister wives.'”

Meri and Kody married in 1990, the same year the couple met Christine through a church youth group.

As a result of this timing, Meri felt as if the two women were always pretty close.

“I know what kind of relationship she and I have had in the past. It’s been fun. It’s not been super super deep, but it’s been a lot of fun and I miss that. I missed that for a lot of years with her,” Meri added.

After Krishnan pointed to Meri’s catfishing scandal as the basis for this friendship ending, Meri replied:

“It just kind of comes down to we’re just not safe with each other and I don’t think there was one thing. It was over time.”

Christine, however, was far more straightforward and pointed when it came to why and how things changed between these sister wives.

“I ended the friendship. I ended the relationship, I did. I ended it,” the mother of six said on the special.

“It wasn’t safe for me anymore and I ended it.

“I just told her straight up, ‘No, we’re not going to be friends cause I don’t trust you and I’m not gonna do that to myself anymore.'”

Christine, who has remained tight with Janelle ever since leaving Flagstaff, didn’t delve into any real specifics during her sit-down.

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Christine Brown is clearly doing very well for herself now that she’s single. Check out this Instagram photo from December 2022.

“We tried a little bit here and there in Vegas but her treatment of me wasn’t nice. She wouldn’t be nice to me,” she simply said on Sunday.

“She was just putting me down a lot in public situations. Especially if her family was there she would just put me down…

“It was just too stressful.”

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Wrote the star as a caption to this photo: Some days I am just in the car running errands all day!! Literally “drives” me crazy! #toomanyerrands #beforeitsnows #snowiscoming #driving #drivingallday.

In a recent interview with Today, Christine said relationships with Meri and Robyn were mostly non-existent.

“I don’t know if I’m ever going to be anything different. You know, I think it might just always be that when we see each other we will be cordial. I think that’s all that’s going to happen, to be honest,” she told this outlet.

The reality star echoed not feeling “safe” with the two, as she did in her chat with Krishnan.

“I just want people in my life that are safe and people that I trust. So that’s what I’m going to do: Surround myself with people that I trust, and that I know trust me,” Brown added at the time.