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During the brutal pre-Tell All finale of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Season 7, Angela Deem felt miserable.

Sitting despondently in the Georgia heat, she tearfully told the cameras what had happened.

She believes that Michael Ilesanmi cheated — with a younger American woman who hit him up on Instagram.

Is this a total vindication of Angela’s suspicions? Will this spell the end of her toxic marriage to Michael?

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When we last saw Angela and Michael, things were good. He held her aloft in their hotel room in Nigeria. They said upsettingly horny things to each other.

On Season 7, Episode 17, Angela was back in Georgia. It was weeks after her return home.

Angela is visibly unhappy. But she doesn’t rush into explaining her displeasure.

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We do learn a little bit about how things have been. Angela and Michael have been speaking 24/7.

That is a staggering improvement over how things had become before her trip to see him.

Things were good. Angela turned one of their more recent photos into her phone cover. Now, something has changed.

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Angela never has a shortage of things to say. (That’s not an insult — many of us are the same way. Critics’ issue has always been with the content of Angela’s words)

But she makes producers coax an explanation out of her.

Angela accuses Michael of cheating. This time, it’s not a suspicion. And she says that she has proof.

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Angela has accused Michael of a lot of things, often without any evidence. She sees what she wants to see.

This time, however, is a bit different.

Angela said that her “friend” (very likely the woman in question) has sent her screenshots and voice messages that Michael allegedly sent her — some, while Angela was in Nigeria.

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Angela shared with the camera that the woman in question is a 31-year-old American woman.

We don’t really hear a “smoking gun” on the voice recordings — no “I’m leaving my wife” or other explicitly cheaty things.

But he does seem to promise this young woman money. And to encourage her to call him back. One can only assume that she heard that his wife was in town, and perhaps stopped taking his calls.

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It doesn’t sound as if Michael has ever met this woman. But just as online relationships are still relationships, online cheating is still cheating.

Angela openly wept over a broken heart. She said that screenshotted texts included Michael confessing his love to this girl.

She of course confronted Michael. He claimed to her that “it wasn’t like that.” Michael allegedly characterized this mistress as a “plaything.”

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Angela presented all of this as some sort of vindication of her opposition to Michael having an Instagram account.

On the one hand, it’s true that some reality stars cannot handle the sudden attention. Instagram DMs are a particularly big deal for 90 Day Fiance cast members.

While Angela nearly acknowledged her own role in marital problems, she emphasized that this just proves that she was right all along.

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But despite her anger and heartbreak, Angela wasn’t sure if she felt fully prepared to actually dump Michael.

She could end the visa process. And she could seek a divorce. But she also really loves him.

“There’s no right answer,” Angela lamented to the camera.

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Rene stopped by for a visit. After hearing the evidence, she was totally Anti-Michael. Angela’s daughter, Skyla, felt the same way.

Skyla strongly encouraged her mother to end things. As always, Angela’s going to do whatever the hell she wants.

Meanwhile, the previews for the Tell All special hint at what we already knew — Angela and Michael did not break up.