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A couple of months ago, Christina Hall vowed to stop posting photos of her young son.

Obviously, she still includes him in group pics. But when she shares them, she censors his face — as many other parents do.

Mom-shamers do not like that.

But, as Christina explains, those same mom-shamers are the reason that she has to censor her pics in the first place.

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Christina Anstead, who was formerly known as Christina El Moussa and is now going by Christina Hall, is showing off her beauty on Instagram.

Christina Hall has gone by multiple names during her years of TV fame. She knows what it’s like to have her face everywhere.

On Monday, she posted a photo alongside her husband, Josh Hall. The pic featured their blended family in Tennessee.

She covered 3-year-old son Hudson’s face with a simple emoji before publishing the snap to Instagram.

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“What better back drop for family photos than a beautiful fall colored field?!” Christina captioned the image.

“This photoshoot was one of my favorites,” she shared.

Christine concluded by expressing: “I Love my family,” with a red heart emoji.

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Christina Hall has a mighty cute son. But she has agreed to not feature him on social media again.

Christina took to her Instagram Story just hours later.

There, in a lengthy text update, she explained the emoji censorship.

Remember, in October, she shared that she would not be posting her son’s face. Why? Well, it was a point of contention in a legal struggle with Ant Anstead, her ex.

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Christina El Moussa shared this photo on Instagram as she announced that she has a new HGTV show in the works. Good for her!

“This will be the last time I talk about this,” Christina declared.

Her goal, she then reasoned, was to clear up the “confusion and false info about Hudson’s photos.”

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Joshua Hall and Christina Hall are now married. They seem pretty happy, don’t they?

Christina noted that people have trolled her comments, taunting that “she was never told she couldn’t post.”

Right. She reminded everyone that “I never said that!”

So she set the record straight on how this new personal social media policy came into being.

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“I was NOT told I could no longer post Hudson,” Christina admonished.

“I was NOT told anything by a judge,” she then clarified, “because I was never in front of a judge.”

Christina affirmed: “I CHOSE and Choose to not post Hudson because I was exhausted over Instagram being used as a tool against me.”

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Christina Hall is doing her hair in this photo. She placed it on Instagram.

Christina wrote that “people need to wrap their heads around the fact that none of this has to do with advertisements.”

Rumor had claimed that the issue was about her young son appearing in Instagram ads.

“This is about CONTROL,” Christina noted.

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Whoa there! Christina Hall has gone very glam for this new photo, shared to her Instagram page in late March of 2017.

“There are many things that I was no longer ok with,” Christina then wrote.

“Instagram was being used as a tool against me,” she said, “to judge the kind of mom I was.”

“And,” Christine announced, “I was sick of it.”

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“Every photo I posted of Hudson on my story or main page was being screen shot and picked apart,” Christina lamented.

“Now the ‘know it alls’ can go back to his page please. Thank you,” she then instructed.

Clearly, she has strong feelings about this. Harassment on social media will do that to a person. Especially to a mom.