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Tragedy has struck the world of reality television.

David Robinson, who starred alongside bounty hunter Duane “Dog” Chapman on the series Dog’s Most Wanted, passed away on Wednesday.

He was 50 years old.

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Robinson’s death was confirmed by his ex-wife Rainy Robinson, who also appeared on the aforementioned program at times.

“It’s sad,” she told People Magazine. “They are going to do an autopsy because he was so young. He just literally turned 50.

“He had the best sense of humor,” she says. “Just a kind hearted man. A sweet guy. He was a road racer so he loved those fast motorcycles. He would do 200 miles an hour. I am sure he is a little disappointed that he instantly died.

“Fell out of a chair. I am sure he would have much rather be going 250 miles around Laguna racetrack.”

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David’s current wife, meanwhile, spoke to TMZ and provided the tragic details on her husband’s final minutes.

“David was very healthy and was on a work call in our dining room at home when he collapsed,” she told this website, adding:

“Life-saving maneuvers were attempted and paramedics were called. David died in my arms.

“We ask again for time and space to grieve for the husband, father, brother and friend that was lost.”

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Robinson worked closely with Chapman on a handful of episodes on WGN America in 2019, helping the bounty hunter track down fugitives of Dog’s choosing … as opposed to tracking down those who have jumped bail.

“I’m shocked and saddened by the sudden loss of David Robinson, my right-hand man of many years,” Dog said on Friday after this awful news went public.

He added:

“Until we meet again, brother.”

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According to the official Dog’s Most Wanted website, Robinson worked with the Chapmans for almost a decade and specialized in “the tech aspect of hunting.”

The program aired for just one season.

Rainy, who said Robinson was working as a bounty hunter at the time of his passing, added that the Chapmans adored working with her ex.

“Dog really loved him,” she says. “Beth adored him and took him under his wing. He never left the industry.”

May David Robinson rest in peace.