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On the latest 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?, while Angela Deem demanded a divorce, another couple was on a very different journey.

Kimberly Menzies planned a grand romantic overture to Usman “Sojaboy” Umar. She planned to propose.

But Usman had already agreed to his mom’s request — to meet up with another young woman.

And when he meets her, he immediately asks for her number. Oh boy.

As Kimberly and Usman’s segment of Season 7, Episode 11 began, Usman had to explain something.

No matter how much he loves Kimberly, it cannot outweigh the filial piety of his culture.

Yes, his mom is more receptive to Kimberly now. But that doesn’t mean that he can ignore her wishes. He has to meet this unnamed Hausa girl.

But Kimberly wasn’t ready to give up on Usman.

In fact, she planned a grand romantic gesture to really knock his socks off. And she wanted to do it before he meets this girl.

Kimberly was planning to propose. And, just in case, she brought a backup ring in case the first didn’t fit him.

Usman returned to the hotel room to find that Kimberly had decorated.

He did not know what was coming.

The rapper walked into the room to see an array of flower petals, of candles, and more.

Kimberly clearly knew how to set the mood.

She even included a bottle of champagne with a pair of champagne flutes to go with it.

With the sole exception of the production crew and camera operator who were obviously there, it was a perfect setup.

Kimberly dropped down to one knee and proposed to Usman, ring box in hand.

This is not the traditional proposal in Nigeria. Truth be told, strictly speaking, it’s not traditional in the US, due to outmoded gender roles.

But Usman looked visibly delighted. He blushed, turning his head for a moment, and then turned back.

Usman said yes, by the way.

First, he romantically expressed that he will agree to this to make Kimberly happy. He meant it in a romantic way.

And Usman also showed off the ring. It looks like the first one fit just right.

However, it was not all fun and games and engagement.

The next morning, Kimberly watched with obvious discomfort as Usman got dressed.

It’s not that she was sad to see him cover up. It’s that he was getting dressed to essentially go on a blind date.

Kimberly knows that Usman’s family wants this woman to be his first wife, with her coming in second … if at all.

That is a dealbreaker for her. Despite this successful proposal, she worries that she could lose him.

While Usman headed off to meet this mystery gal, Kimberly called her son.

In addition to being a total smokeshow, Jamal is a fan favorite among viewers. He loves his mom, yet manages a balancing act between wisdom and being patient with his eccentric mom’s choices.

To some viewers, that is a very familiar dynamic with their own lives.

Kimberly updated her son. Jamal asked some very fair questions and admitted that he didn’t love everything that she was telling him. But he loves her. That’s what truly matters.

Then, the promo teaser for Season 7, Episode 12 showed Usman arriving to meet this mystery gal.

Usman was not subtle about his anxiety, and told the girl to her face.

But “I wanted to leave as soon as I arrived” was not merely a relatable sentiment — it was a build up to a compliment.

“But seeing you’re pretty,” Usman told her, “I got excited.”

This is, after all, a blind date, but without the date part. They are meeting each other for the first time.

The young woman seemed entertained and perhaps a little charmed by Usman’s flattery.

Usman did not stop there, however.

The promo showed him whip out his phone.

“I need to get your phone number,” he told her, handing over his phone so that she can enter it.

That cannot be a fun moment for Kimberly.

She has watched this scene, too. Likely, she saw it before filming the Tell All (weeks and weeks ago), or even on the Tell All stage.

Is Usman just doing what his mother expects? Or is Usman going above and beyond to woo this pretty young woman?