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This season of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City‘s drama has been ample.

But this has only been the beginning.

Bravo just released the Midseason 3 trailer. A sunny San Diego trip turns into a heated fight.

Everybody seems to be gunning for Heather. And then, of course, she ends up that gruesome black eye.

Is this allowed?

As the trailer for the remainder of Season 3 begins, the ladies take a trip to San Diego.

Not-yet-confessed criminal Jen Shah addresses the whole plane. And Lisa Barlow terrifies Heather Gay with her driving.

As is always the case with these trailers (barring the ones that open with chilling moments), it’s all fun and games.

Until it’s not, that is.

Real neighbors and most real friends don’t go on annual vacations like this, but these trips always lead to memorable moments.

But the topless moments and goofy antics can only last so far. Again, that’s how these trailers always go.

We then hear Meredith Marks bring up what she has been hearing about Lisa’s business.

Lisa’s tequila line, a text claims, had to do crowd funding. Some crowd funding businesses are extremely successful … but for others, it’s a sign that they’re struggling.

Naturally, Lisa expresses her unbridled fury that this topic has come up again.

Meredith is still mad over Lisa’s hot mic moment. Understandably so.

That doesn’t mean that any of this is true. Or that any of it is false, for that matter.

We then hear that there is yet another person working as an informant in Jen Shah’s legal case.

Jen freaks out, demanding that her castmates check their sources.

Of course, this is before Jen blindsided them all by pleading guilty.

During a dinner that involved some interesting wig choices, Jen stirs the pot with Whitney and Heather.

She challenges Whitney Rose to tell Heather exactly what is on her mind at the moment.

They start talking, and then Whitney becomes irate.

We then see something of a montage of other women going after Heather.

It’s not entirely clear what each of these points of contention may be.

But what we’re essentially seeing is a list of (likely red herring) suspects for what happens later in the trailer.

Later, we see Heather return to her room.

This time, she appears on a black-and-white image. Clearly, a security camera.

Behind her, the door handle rattles and jiggles ominously. Someone is attempting to enter the room behind her.

Clearly, Heather feels safe where she is. Perhaps too safe.

She goes over to the door to answer it.

We do not see exactly what happens. Not in the trailer, at least. We only see her open the door.

And then, when we next see Heather Gay in the trailer, she looks like this.

She has no other apparent injuries. But she is sporting one hell of a black eye.

The trailer’s narrative is clearly that she received this shiner after opening the door to an unknown assailant.

We of course do not yet know if that is what happened.

Reality TV can be misleading, but trailers almost always deprive viewers of context.

We will have to continue watching to find out. That’s what trailers are for, folks.