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Over the course of marriage to Prince Harry, Meghan Markle has been on the receiving end of every kind of criticism imaginable.

The trash-talk has ranged from aggressively pointless (remember the complaints about Meghan’s “informal” style of curtsying?) to bizarrely paranoid (several UK media figures were convinced that Meghan was wearing a secret microphone during the Queen’s funeral).

We thought we had heard just about every sort of empty-headed complaint about Meghan.

So we guess we have to give credit to Megyn Kelly for coming up with an angle of attack so dumb that no one else thought to attempt it before!

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Megyn really went off on Meghan during the latest episode of her SiriusXM podcast, bashing the Duchess as a “commoner” before accusing her of being a snob.

(Obviously, Kelly undermined her own point there, but listeners are used to hearing her spew arguments that don’t really make any sense.)

“There seems to be no limit on their appetite for ripping on the royals to whom they owe all of their fame and literally most of their fortune,” Megyn said, noting that the Sussexes have a “less than 22% approval rating” in the UK.

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Insiders say Harry and Meghan felt snubbed after seeing King Charles’ first official photo. So the couple released a portrait of their own. (Photo via Instagram)

Someone should tell Kelly that Harry and Meghan are not running for office, so it would be pretty pathetic if they were obsessed with their approval rating.

Anyway, from there, Megyn laid into Meghan for referring to Harry as “my husband” when she was “talking about him helping her get the kids ready in the morning.”

“We get it. You bagged the gorilla,” Kelly griped.

“Congratulations! You got the big bear. You want us to know.”

Judging by Kelly’s apparent furor, you would think that Meghan had said something wildly controversial on the latest episode of her “Archetypes” podcast.

But she literally just answered guest Pamela Adlon’s questions about Harry’s level of involvement with the couple’s kids.

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Megyn Kelly is big, big mad at Meghan Markle. She might just be jealous.

“Oh, my husband? Oh, he’s great!” Markle gushed.

She went on to explain that Harry helps “get [Archie] downstairs” during their “chaotic” mornings while she prepares the morning meal.

“I make breakfast for all three of them,” Meghan said. “It’s very important to me. I love doing it.”

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle make an appearance at the UN.(Photo via Getty)

Yep. That’s it.

We think Megyn is accusing Meghan of performing some sort of feminist flex by dismissively referring to Harry as “my husband.”

But if she intended to prove what a modern, progressive couple they are, she probably wouldn’t have gushed about how much she enjoys cooking breakfast for the entire family every morning.

Also, “my husband” is just a totally normal way to refer to one’s husband?

Meghan Markle Forces a Smile
Meghan Markle is all smiles in this photo. Or all forced and sort of pretend smiles, we should write. (Photo via Getty)

What’s Meghan supposed to call Harry? My liege?

Just last week, Kelly blasted Meghan as “thin-skinned” after the Duchess complained about her time on Deal or No Deal.

But there’s only one person in this story who’s throwing tantrums about the language other people using when referring to their own spouses.

This is real snowflake behavior from Ms. Kelly, if you ask us!