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When possible, Amy Roloff wants peace in her family. With the exception of the grandkids, they’re all adults.

She’d love for everyone to put their differences aside and move forward.

But the recent Roloff family feud over the farm is not the first conflict. Remember, they’re a family.

Right now, Little People, Big World fans are zeroing in on a bitter exchange where Jeremy told Amy that her job is “in the kitchen.” Gross.

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A lot of Little People, Big World fans aren’t that fond of Jeremy Roloff or his wife, Audrey.

There are plenty of reasons for that.

But right now, Jeremy is a grown man. He’s 32 years old. But what fans are talking about now is a throwback.

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Back when Jeremy and Zach were just 20 years old, Jeremy had a bit of an attitude problem.

In a sense, that’s normal. A 20-year-old is a very young adult, and usually still going through puberty.

Becoming an adult can even make tensions worse at home, as both parent and adult child struggle to adjust to a new dynamic.

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In a clip that has made the rounds on Reddit, Jeremy sounded downright sexist when talking to his own mother.

“You need to help out in the kitchen,” 20-year-old Jeremy told Amy.

He then insisted: “Your job is in the kitchen.”

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That is downright gross.

Outside of some specific restaurant or home remodeling situations, maybe don’t ever say “your job is in the kitchen” to any woman.

Not only did Jer say this in front of Matt and Zach, he also voiced this gross misogyny in front of the cameras.

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Jeremy Roloff is all business in this photo. As you can see, he’s at his computer.

Matt and Zach pretty promptly got up and left the room.

Molly, however, confronted her brother, telling him “you should help her.”


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Molly and Amy Roloff share the same birthday! And they toasted to each other on the occasion in 2018.

“I’m not here to pick up after a 20-year-old,” Amy pointed out.

She pointed out that he was at an age where he “should be having a job and thinking about his life.”

Jeremy weakly protested that “you’re missing the point of what I was saying.” Ugh, we wish.

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Obviously, that scene went down a dozen years ago at least.

He was barely out of his teens at the time. Now, he’s not just an adult but an actual grownup.

Jeremy has a wife (for better or for worse), plus a home and children of his own.

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But … that doesn’t make this bitter throwback moment any better, does it? Commenters were quickly to note as much.

“Oh my god. If that were my son, he would be moving out the next day. Good luck,” one redditor wrote.

“Yikes,” expressed another Reddit denizen. “Imagine the conversations that weren’t filmed.”

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“Wow… and to see Matt just walk out and not correct him, or teach him how to treat his mother…” observed another.

”She should have packed him a bag,” recommended a redditor, “and left it at the front door.”

”I love how everyone slowly leaves, out of secondhand embarrassment,” pointed out another. “But Jeremy just does not pick up on the social cues and keeps talking.”

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Notice something different here about Jeremy Roloff? Yup. His hair is all gone.

Maybe Jeremy was just being a cranky 20-year-old. It happens.

But others wonder if Jeremy’s blatant disrespect for his mother was a red flag for his adult worldviews.

We have all heard him and Audrey discuss their fondness for “traditional family.” Sometimes, when young men express garden variety sexism, it’s indicative of their very real worldview. It’s a red flag.