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Things are about to explode on Sister Wives.

And the source of this fiery tension may surprise you.

It won’t be Meri Brown, despite the many cryptic messages she’s written about husband Kody; nor will be it Christine Brown, who flat-out left Kody last month.

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Instead, Janelle Brown will be the one who lets her spiritual spouse have it.

In a preview for this Sunday’s brand new episode of Sister Wives, Janelle will get into it with Kody over the latter’s extremely strict COVID-19 protocols.

As detailed on the previous installment, Kody came up with a list in the fall of 2020 that outlined everything his sister wives must do if they wish to see him amid this ongoing pandemic.

For example?

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No one can go inside of a restaurant. All purchased products must be sanitized before taken inside. The women must change their clothes after visiting any sort of establishment.

“I’m looking at these rules and I’m astounded,” Janelle says in the official TLC of Kody’s pandemic rundown of rules, adding in a mocking tone:

“Okay, so there’s the 10 billion commandments of Kody.”

Janelle and Kody’s older sons, Gabriel and Garrison, are also clearly frustrated over not having their dad around.

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Because he’s a selfish jerk, though, Kody doesn’t care that he hasn’t seen some of his children in many months.

Instead, he voices irritation on camera that Janelle “would rather have the boys around than me.”

After Janelle tells Kody she plans to go to Utah for Thanksgiving (Thanksgiving 2020; this episode was filmed ages ago), Kody insinuates she isn’t taking his “10 billion commandments” — or the CDC guidelines — seriously.

This prompts a legitmately angry reaction from Janelle, who is typically perhaps the most laid back of all sister wives.

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“You don’t think I’m aware? You don’t think I’m being careful?” she asks Kody.

“I think you understand what I’m talking about and I want you to just respect that,” Kody responds.

And that was all Janelle had to hear. To close this trailer, she storms away from her husband… but not before saying the following to Kody:

Yeah, f–k off.

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Elsewhere on Sunday’s installment, Gabriel will strongly back up his mother.

Via a sneak peek posted by Hollywood Life, Gabe is talking with his mother about plans for the holidays, making it evident that he’d prefer for his immediate family to go someplace with Christine… rather than stick around Flagstaff with Kody.

“If she’s traveling and she’s cool with it, why don’t we just do Thanksgiving with Christine?

"Dad can do his bullsh-t and we’ll do ours,” Gabe tells his mother.

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He then elaborates a bit, emphasizing how Kody’s COVID rules and guidelines have affected his own children.

“I’m tired of it. It’s literally ruining our family,” Gabe admits to Janelle.

Janelle is exhausted by everythingg at this point.

"My kids, my boys, and Kody they’re in these very opposite camps and there’s no give and take,” she tells the camera.

“It’s just talk, talk, talk, try to convince, convince of your point of view. That’s it. I’ve been trying for 9 months to get us to find some sort of middle ground, and there is no give on either side."