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Sister Wives viewers have seen for themselves how Kody Brown takes no responsibility for his many failures.

The whole point of the show was to promote acceptance of plural marriage. Kody has turned it into an infomercial for the dullest monogamy.

And how that Christine has finally left her loveless marriage, Kody is putting the blame on her.

In fact, he’s raging against her for treating Robyn “like dirt.” What?

Kody Brown is irate in this photo. He’s reacting to the news that Christine no longer wants to be his sister wife.

On Sunday’s episode of Sister Wives, the TLC villain was still chatting with the titular sister wives.

Christine was, at the time when production filmed this, still looking forward to a then-upcoming move to Utah.

Robyn asked Christine whether she might be interested in working through issues with family members.

Christine Brown is finally finished with Kody. We’re so proud of her for coming to this realization.

She didn’t just mean Kody.

But since Christine is leaving, Robyn wondered if she might want to work things out with the rest of them — where applicable.

Christine gave a very honest answer, saying that she would need “space” before she can think about that.

Kody Brown is staring daggers into Christine in this scene from the first episode of Sister Wives Season 17.

Kody was visibly furious at Christine’s answer.

“She’s treated you like dirt from the very beginning,” he exclaimed to Robyn.

“That’s the relationship you have with her,” he told his obvious favorite wife, “and that’s the reason I’m angry.”

Unfortunately, Kody did not stop there at a mere accusation.

He began to yell at Christine.

“You never tried to have a really good relationship with these other people,” he insisted.

“And,” Kody then declared, “that’s the reason I’m pissed off.”

He yelled: “And it’s just vomiting out of me.”

“That’s not true, yes I did,” Christine countered, but to no avail.

Kody went on to whine that it felt like a “knife in the kidneys” (both kidneys, at once?) that Christine hadn’t bonded with everyone.

In his mind, she never even tried to build genuine relationships with all of the other sister wives.

Is that true? Because she and Janelle are very close. She just never meshed with Meri or Robyn.

Kody Brown on a Sister Wives Episode
Kody Brown does not look happy in this photo, does he? Like… not one bit.

“The sacrifices that I made to love you, wasted,” Kody snarled.

“Accountability is what I’ve been asking for here,” he screamed.

Kody went on to yell an accusation: “And you are running away rather than being accountable.”

Christine Brown has a lot to think about. This is a photo from Episode 2 of Sister Wives Season 17.

Considering the over-the-top accusations and the hostility with which Kody delivered them, Christine handled this with grace.

“OK, look. I never tried to treat anybody like crap,” she emphasized.

Christine then went on to say: “I never tried … I never did.”

Christine Brown is finally finished with Kody. We’re so proud of her for coming to this realization.

Kody still insisted that she did anyway. Christine again did not fight him on it.

“Well, I’m sorry,” she said. “I didn’t mean to.”

Kody still wasn’t done. He blamed Christine and this alleged mean treatment for his now “broken family.”

Furthermore, he refused to take responsibility for the strained relationships with multiple adult children.

Like so many toxic parents before him, he simply blamed his spouse. He called Christine the “Pied Piper” for this alleged sabotage.

That is a goofy and somewhat antiquated insult, there, Kody. Or should we call him Peter, Peter, Pumpkin Eater? (On the grounds that he could not keep his wife)

Kody Brown, Who Divorced Meri, Says He Doesn't Believe in Divorce

Of course, it’s easy for Christine to not argue when she is just … past caring about what Kody thinks.

“I’m tired. It doesn’t matter. It’s over,” she then expressed to the camera.

Meanwhile, Janelle spoke to the camera about how she felt that Kody was “really harsh.” She does not share his point of view. Obviously.