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Joy-Anna Duggar simply cannot believe it, you guys.

As previously reported, the former reality star and her husband, Austin, are expecting their third child in the fairly near future.

And as you can likely guess, this baby can only be one of two genders: a boy or a girl.

Ahead of her delivery, Joy-Anna hosted a party on Friday in order to discover just which of these sexes would be joining her immediate family — and the result was absolutely flabbergasting!

Joy-Anna Duggar is front and center for this selfie, which she posted to Instagram.

“We got the results back from our ultrasound last week. And so, we were kind of like, should we go ahead and throw the gender reveal party or should we wait until the new year?” Duggar said in a YouTube video shared on Friday, November 18.

She added:

“But it ended up working out for most of the people that we wanted to come to just go ahead and do it the week before Thanksgiving.”

With that, Joy-Anna went ahead and dropped the reveal. She’s having a…

Here’s the proof, folks! Joy-Anna Duggar is expecting her third child!

… BOY!

“I am completely shocked,” the pregnant Counting On alum responded in the footage.

“I 100 percent thought that it was a girl, convinced myself that it was a girl [and] Austin thought it was a girl, so I was like, ‘It’s definitely a girl.’ …

“It’s crazy. Anyway, I’m so happy [and] I can’t believe it.”

Joy-Anna and Austin Pic
Joy-Annna Duggar smiles while out and about here with husband Austin. What a cute pic!

Duggar and Forsyth found out the stunning news via a dart game, as they tossed arrows at a row of balloons that had been filled with blue confetti and powder.

The spouses were joined by members of their large brood, including son Gideon, 4, daughter Evelyn, 2, her parents — Jim Bob Duggar and Michelle Duggar — and sisters Jill Duggar and Jana Duggar.

No, Anna Duggar was not in attendance.

But that’s a story for another time.

Joy-Anna Duggar poses here with her husband and two kids. She shared this photo on social media in August of 2022. (Photo via Instagram)

Joy-Anna — who married Forsyth in May 2017 — confirmed last month that she is pregnant.

“We are ECSTATIC and cannot wait to hold this sweet baby in our arms in May [2023]! We would appreciate your prayers these next 7 and [a] half months for a safe pregnancy and delivery,” the TLC personality said in a YouTube video on October 5.

“Keep up with our new videos as we tell Gideon and Evelyn, our parents and siblings.”

Duggar suffered a pregnancy loss in July 2019, later telling followers that the couple named its stillborn daughter Annabell Elise.

Joy-Anna, Gideon
Photo via Instagram

“Today would have been my angel baby’s due date,” Joy-Anna wrote this month, alongside photos that were taken at the hospital the day she lost this little girl.

“Annabell Elise would have been three years old today. She was perfect, her little fingers and toes,” the grieving mom added, later stating:

“What a precious thing to know that when our daughter opened her eyes, the first thing she saw was the face of Jesus.”

Driving with Austin
Joy-Anna Duggar and husband Austin look rather content with each other in this sweet photo, don’t they?

We continue to mourn the couple’s loss, while we continue to celebrate the precious life that is on the way.

Another boy? How exciting!

Here’s to a happy and healthy pregnancy and newborn child in a few months for Joy-Anna and Austin.