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After decades of marriage, Christine Brown sees Kody for who he is. And she had enough.

But their split was not sudden. Their union died the death of a thousand cuts.

Kody has expressed a lot of indignation and anger over Christine’s decision to leave.

But Christine is explaining that she has been heartbroken for a long, long time. She’s tired of it.

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“I did love the idea of a family,” Christine expresses on the upcoming November 13 episode of Sister Wives, Us Weekly reports.

“Of having sister wives,” she continues.

Christine once loved the idea “of raising kids together.”

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“It is an important part of a plural family,” Christine assesses.

She notes that it’s vital “that each relationship and each marriage is strong too.”

Christine then brings up a helpful and easy to understand piece of imagery, analogous to a healthy plural family functioning.

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Christine Brown recalls the moment that she knew that her now 21-year-old daughter was not heterosexual while speaking to the confessional camera on Sister Wives. (Image Credit: TLC)

“We always talk about the spokes in a wheel,” Christine says.

“And when there’s a spoke that’s broken,” she explains, “how do we keep it going?”

That is a very bespoke analogy, Christine.

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Christine Brown forces a smile and talks about life as a polygamist in this scene from a Sister Wives episode.

There is more that goes into being a “spoke” in a plural marriage than just raising kids and sharing a spouse.

“I did so much for the family,” she reflects to the confessional camera in the upcoming episode.

“It was all about having family functions,” she notes, “and family get-togethers and family parties.”

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Christine Brown doesn’t miss Kody at all. She has made that clear on multiple occasions ever since leaving her spiritual marriage.

Christine then characterizes: “My house was always open to everybody.”

“I loved the big family activities that we had,” Christine gushes.

“The big family is great,” she affirms.

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Christine Brown has left Kody Brown — and, as you can see right here, she absolutely could not be happier.

“But when you feel like you’re a minimal person in Kody’s big picture,” Christine then explained.

“And you really don’t even matter in the big picture,” she characterizes.

Christine explains that naturally “it changes the perspective on everything.”

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Christine Brown shared this photo a couple months after splitting from Kody. She doesn’t seem too upset about it, does she?

Unfortunately, Kody also speaks during the episode.

He accuses Christine of being selfish by dwelling upon her misery instead of focusing upon the “big picture” of their family.

“I’ve been heartbroken for years,” Christine counters.

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“I was tired of being heartbroken. Just tired,” Christine expresses.

“You don’t think I stayed for the big picture as long as I did?” she continues.

Christine asks: “Because I wanted it to work?”

“I think I’m angry because when you get divorced you’re supposed to be,” Kody tells the camera.

“If I really boil it down, if I bring it to the core of what’s going on,” he whines. “It feels like after all I have done, I’m being rejected anyway.”

Kody then complains: “And it’s just not rejection for me, it’s rejection for some of my kids and my other wives.” Well how does he think that Christine felt?