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According to a brand new report, the rumors are true.

And reality for Caryn Chandler is that she’s simply sick of all the ongoing Roloff drama.

Back in early November, we reported that Chandler was planning to quit Little People, Big World amid awkward tension between her long-time boyfriend, Matt Roloff, and his immediate family members.

As you are likely aware, Matt put a portion of his farm up for sale in May… and then received an immediate rebuke from son Zach, who didn’t feel as if he was given a fair opportunity to purchase this land.

Matt Roloff and Caryn Chandler are all smiles while hanging out here in Arizona.

Zach blasted his dad as cowardly and manipulative back then and the feud may have quieted down in public in the months since… but it’s very much still alive.

“Matt really wants another season, but Caryn is completely done,” an insider told The Sun a few weeks ago, referring to the TLC reality show and the possibility of it getting renewed.

“She thinks there are too many disagreements with what they want to say and do on air, and too much family drama.

“She feels as though she’s the one always caught in the middle trying to mediate.”

Caryn Chandler and Matt Roloff sit side by side here, speaking to the camera on an episode of Little People, Big World.

To be clear, Chandler herself has not confirmed any impending departure, but this same outlet has now published a follow-up.

“Caryn is planning to move to Arizona full-time, likely by January,” a source has told The Sun.

Roloff and Chandler, who have been dating since 2017, purchased a $375,000 home in Surprise, Arizona (from Caryn’s parents) in 2018.

They spend a great deal of time there and Matt has hinted at various points over the years that he’d like to retire there someday.

Matt Roloff and Caryn Chandler are out and about and having a blast in this photo.

Caryn has been “wanting to relocate there for so long, and she and Matt often stay at their vacation home on weekends, but this would be permanent,” The Sun continued this week.

“She is moving first without Matt to get settled, she’s going to rent her house out in Oregon. They want to start planning for the future.

“Caryn still doesn’t know if Matt is done with the show, but she definitely is and she wants to get away from all the drama going on with the family.

“She’s letting him make his own decision about it, but she’d rather not be involved anymore.”

Matt Roloff and Caryn Chandler as a Couple
Matt Roloff and Caryn Chandler sure look cute here, don’t they?

Roloff will reportedly propose to Chandler some time soon, too. He’s talked around the topics for years now, but has not yet pulled the romantic trigger.

“A wedding is still on the cards, but they have so much going on that they have decided to delay any engagement plans,” the same Sun source concludes.

“Caryn cannot wait for a fresh start in Arizona.

“It will be a new chapter for both of them.”