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We’ve seen a lot of 90 Day Fiance spoilers and some fights during this season of Happily Ever After?

Season 7 has more than its share of reality TV villains and toxic creeps. But it also has some genuine love.

Mutual respect, problem-solving skills, kids, money, and other factors can help determine whether a marriage will work out.

Which Season 7 couples will make it? Which are doomed to break up? And which are doomed to stay together?

For better or for worse, Andrei Castravet and Elizabeth Potthast are one of Season 7’s strongest couples.

Possibly the most secure.

They’ve been together for years. They now share two children. And they’re doing well financially.

For Libby and Andrei, almost all of the conflict is external.

Despite Andrei’s attitude, behavior, and temperament, Elizabeth often finds herself at odds with her siblings.

But these conflicts seem to have made this marriage stronger. Again, for better or for worse.

Andrei Castravet Gets Goofy Beside Wife Elizabeth Potthast
90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Season 5 star Elizabeth Potthast gazes into the camera alongside husband Andrei Castravet, who is making a silly face.

We’re not saying that they could never break up, or that theirs is the healthiest relationship. It isn’t.

But we’re not talking toxicity, but relationship longevity.

Libby and Andrei could split tomorrow … but they would be the most surprising of the bunch if they did so.

Jenny Slatten and Sumit Singh married each other in 2021 — finally.

But they have actually been in this relationship for about a decade.

Jenny first arrived in India and deflowered Sumit about, what, 8 or 9 years ago? And they’ve been together … in one sense or another … over the many years that have followed.

Of course, Jenny and Sumit have weathered numerous issues since then. Starting with Sumit catfishing her, them living continents apart, and Sumit’s secret arranged marriage.

The biggest issue has of course been Sumit’s toxic family, who want to control him.

More recently, we have seen them address more mundane issues. What lifestyle to enjoy together. How many days a week Sumit should work. Even questions of where to live.

If a brand new couple had disagreements like this, we’d be crying doom and gloom for them.

But after a decade? After all that they’ve experienced together? Jenny and Sumit are likely to find a way to make it work.

They really love each other. Both have made tremendous sacrifices for this marriage to happen.

Bilal Hazziez and Shaeeda Sween have been a couple for a few years. They got together very quickly after meeting in person.

They married spiritually first before tying the knot legally, in visa terms.

Both enjoy pranks big and small. They both have some fixations on cleanliness … in very different parts of their lives. And they both share their faith, Islam.

Bilal has a very patronizing tone. To his credit, he is calm and does not launch into direct or vicious insults. He’s not Angela Deem, for example. But being calm and being respectful of a fellow human being — let alone your partner — are not the same thing. Anyone can slip into a “lecturing” tone, especially on a subject where they feel passionate, but Bilal has done this too many times in just a couple of weeks. Also, Shaeeda saw this side of him before arriving, and is only now realizing that he’s like this all of the time.

Of course, Bilal has major issues when it comes to communication issues. Starting with his tendency to change the subject or just manipulate Shaeeda if she’s talking about something that he doesn’t like.

He tends to speak in a condescending manner, lecturing Shaeeda. He also polices her language, not wanting her to call it “lecturing.” That does not change reality.

And of course, Bilal’s manipulations and control issues extend well beyond that. The dilapidated house prank, his colorless void of a home.

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Season 7 stars Bilal Hazziez and Shaeeda Sween are visibly anxious in this sneak peek for Episode 8. (Image Credit: TLC)

Finally, Bilal seems unwilling to give Shaeeda a “no” to having a kid or to starting her yoga business. He just says noncommittal things and changes the subject. Not helpful.

So why are we and other fans ranking them so highly (relatively) when it comes to their odds of staying together?

Neither of them seem like they’re willing to divorce. Not just now, anyway. Maybe, if (or when) Bilal breaks his promises, Shaeeda will split. As long as he keeps dragging his heels instead of making a full stop, Shaeeda will just keep going.

Strictly speaking, Jovi Dufren and Yara Zaya seem to be in a better place than Bilal and Shaeeda’s marriage.

They’ve been together longer. They already have a child. And even though they have their very real ups and downs, they love each other and enjoy each other’s company.

In fact, if it weren’t for some very recent disagreements on Season 7, we’d have ranked their odds higher on the list.

War changes people. We don’t just mean for soldiers and survivors, but … everyone.

Yara is watching her homeland as ruthless invaders ravage cities and towns. Mass graves, mined houses, and streets littered with murdered Ukrainians have defined this horror.

Some Ukrainian expats might never want to return, for fear of another Russian attack. But others may feel drawn to come back and help rebuild. Yara, at least, misses her family. And she wants to help those who are refugees.

But even if Yara loves her mom and would love to have her as a full time nanny for Mylah, Yara knows that living in the US gives her

And frankly, we’re not sure that a move to Prague (or wherever) would be a dealbraker for Jovi and Yara. It might cause tension, but a divorce?

Ultimately, Jovi and Yara love each other. Love alone is not enough, but they can make this marriage work if they want to. And they do want to.

Kimberly Menzies and Usman “Sojaboy” Umar are … a far cry from Jovi and Yara’s marital level.

They’re not even married. They’re barely engaged. In fact, on Season 7, they only just received “permission” from Usman’s mom to marry. Under certain conditions.

Also they have … issues. Usman divorced his previous older white American wife. Kimberly is a far cry from Lisa Hamme (thankfully!), but it’s not off the table. Even if they do marry.

Then come the constant fights and hurt feelings.

Anyone can go through a rough patch. But we have yet to see these two not having such a patch.

The average couple throws zero drinks on each other, ever, in their lives. These two are already outliers, and we cannot blame all of that on reality TV.

But somehow, this relationship is valuable enough to both of them that they haven’t broken up yet.

Kimberly claims that she’s open to a second wife. Only time will tell if that’s true.

Fans have suspicions about Usman’s intentions, but a growing percentage of viewers just want to see Kimberly happy. Maybe she’s winning us over. Maybe her son is just a hottie so people want his mom to be happy. But Usman could be the key to Kimberly’s happiness.

Angela Deem is, simply put, one of the worst people to ever appear on the 90 Day Fiance franchise.

Oh, she’s polarizing, she’s controversial, and she makes headlines. She’s great for ratings. But she is a demonstrably horrible person.

We wish that we could put her and Michael Ilesanmi at the bottom of this list. But, sadly, declaring that they are certain to break up would be wishful thinking.

There are countless reasons for which Angela and Michael should divorce and never see each other again.

Angela is viciously verbally and emotionally abusive. She is toxic and controlling. From banning Michael from working to forcing him to delete his Instagram, this is not how a loving partner behaves. She’s also a huge hypocrite.

And, just for the sake of saying it, many viewers are suspicious of Michael’s motives. Since there is nothing lovable about Angela, they wonder if he is scamming her. Others suggest that he started of scamming her, but now the media attention and Stockholm Syndrome have him in too deep.

To be blunt, even if he’s a full on scammer, no one on the planet deserves this monstrous treatment. Not even Angela deserves to receive the kind of cruelty that she inflicts upon Michael.

We would love to say that we can “guarantee” that they will split, but there is no actual reason to believe that.

Fan sightings say that they’re still together. We doubt that we or Michael will be lucky enough to see them split. But hey, sometimes good things do happen!

Big Ed Brown and Liz Woods do not make sense as a couple unless you look at their dating histories.

It looks like Liz tends to date toxic men. And we know that Ed likes to seek out desperate, 20-something single moms.

With that in mind, we understand why they’re together. In Liz’s case, it’s like understanding why someone has a destructive addiction.

Why are we ranking these two as the most likely to break up?

Well, they’ve split up a bare minimum of nine times. A bunch of those were via text message.

Fans have heard Ed’s cruel voicemails and seen how he treats her on screen. Yet the same manipulation tactics that he employs during relationships also manage to win Liz back. Time and time again. It’s sad.

Their odds of splitting again are pretty high. That’s great! Ideally before the wedding, but hey, even after can work out.

Sadly, the odds that they will get back together again after are alarmingly high.

Ed is a disaster and an awful person who likes to pretend that he’s better than he is. Poor Liz is just a disaster. She has friends who love and care about her; perhaps one of them will help her leave the next time that Ed flips out and kicks her out.