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The Duggar dress code is almost as notorious as the family itself.

Like so many of the rules that Jim Bob and Michelle have imposed upon their family, the goal is to limit the freedom of women, thereby exerting control over wives and daughters.

The dress code is emblematic of the culture of abuse that enabled Josh to get away with so much for so long.

And that might be why one of his longest-suffering victims is now distancing herself from one of the family’s most ridiculous customs.

Yes, it seems that Josh’s wife, Anna Duggar, has started wearing pants.

That may not sound like a very big deal, but it’s important to bear in mind that Anna has spent the vast majority of her life wearing floor-length skirts at the insistence of the men in her life.

Interestingly, it seems that Anna is making no effort to conceal this act of sartorial rebellion from her infamously judgmental in-laws.

Anna Duggar is finally free from her evil husband. (Photo via Instagram)

The news of Anna’s denim-clad defiance comes to us courtesy of Jed Duggar, who posted a video of the family’s annual Fall Family Festival on YouTube.

In the clip, we see Anna standing around with the rest of the family, wearing a pair of jeans.

Does this mean that the Duggars have finally abandoned their ridiculous rules about what sort of clothing women are permitted to wear in the open?

Or is Anna just doing as she pleases now that her husband is behind bars?

Perhaps the Duggars were never such sticklers for the rules as they appeared to be on TV, and we’re only now learning the truth of the situation thanks to the younger generation’s social media posts.

After all, we’ve learned an awful lot just from Jed’s YouTube channel.

Anna Duggar appears to be wearing pants in Jed’s latest video. (Photo via YouTube)

The same video that revealed Anna’s new wardrobe has also made headlines for a shot in which Josiah’s wife Lauren Swanson appears to be holding a baby.

(Fans have long suspected that Josiah and Lauren welcomed a child earlier this year but have been hiding it from the public.)

Just last month, Jed spoke out about Josh’s crimes for the first time in a YouTube video that also featured commentary from his wife, Katey Nakatsu.

Jed insists that his decision to adopt all of his father’s beliefs is one he reached on his own. (Photo via YouTube)

“It has saddened us — my oldest brother, his decisions, things that he’s done,” Jed said on October 28.

“It’s a very sensitive spot in our family. Especially with Anna, you know, their kiddos, and [we] just try to be there for them as much as we can.”

With seven “kiddos” to raise and no visible means of support, Anna is obviously very much reliant on her in-laws.

Josh and Anna Duggar in happier times. (Photo via Instagram)

But apparently, that reliance hasn’t prevented her from seeking a bit of independence in her new circumstances.

Perhaps everyone is just that much happier and more relaxed with Josh safely behind bars.

Whatever the case, congrats to Anna on her newfound freedom!