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During the latest episode of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?, Bilal and Shaeeda took an important step.

Unable to resolve their disagreement about when to try for children, they took a major step to get more information.

Bilal, unfortunately, only heard what he wanted to hear from the meeting with the doctor. Nothing changed.

If he strings her along forever, Shaeeda warns, she will take him to court.

At the beginning of Shaeeda Sween’s time on Season 7, Episode 6, she reached out to a friend, Eutris.

Shaeeda recalled to her how she and Bilal had gone furniture shopping, in the hope of bringing life and color to his bleachcore home.

But she admitted that things took a “left turn” when they stepped into an adjacent store that sells baby supplies.

“You can’t put off something like that for the future. I mean, who knows what the future holds, right?” Eutris advised.

“I get that Bilal doesn’t want to talk about it,” Shaeeda noted. “But I’m getting older, and I don’t have much time left.”

“The prenup says that we have to try to have a baby by the time I am 40,” she detailed.

“If he violates the contract, I might have to take him to court,” Shaeeda warned.

“I wanted a traditional marriage,” she noted.

“He decided to get on contractual on me, so, this is the price of contracts,” Shaeeda expressed. “You pay.”

It is unclear how taking Bilal to court is meant to be a serious threat.

From our very limited, secondhand understanding of the prenup, there is no prescribed penalty for failing to try to conceive by the time that she is 40.

However, Shaeeda hopes that — unlike Eutris’ fears — Bilal is not just stringing her along.

Meanwhile, Shaeeda and Bilal opted to visit a fertility specialist.

The purpose? To discover if Shaeeda, who is 37 years old, can actually conceive at all.

She may be a young woman, newly married for the first time … but in terms of pregnancy, she would be a geriatric patient.

Shaeeda admitted to the doctor that they have not tried to conceive naturally. At all.

Why? Because Bilal has no interest in trying.

The doctor shared that he would normally advise a couple with their age range to try for at least six months before exploring other options.

Shaeeda did share that she has a very regular menstrual cycle … which lasts 21 days, not within the “normal” 26-30 day range.

This, her doctor warned, could be a factor in conception. He wanted to run some tests.

Overall, he said, his only real advice for the moment was to make sure that they both want this. He would never suggest bringing a child into the world if the parents aren’t sure.

That gave Bilal all of the ammunition that he needed for his sole takeaway to be that the doctor suggested that they wait a couple of years.

The rest of us didn’t hear the doctor say that at all. Neither did Shaeeda.

But Bilal knew what he wanted before going to the appointment. He may not have given Shaeeda a firm “no,” but that’s the vibe that he’s giving off.