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Late this summer, Loren and Alexei Brovarnik welcomed their third child, their first daughter.

On Season 2 of Loren & Alexei: After The 90 Days, we will get to see their lives as that special day approaches.

More, we will get to see their two precious boys, their fan-favorite marriage, and a long-awaited family trip.

It’s not all fun and games, however. Loren and her mother get into an explosive dispute. Check out the trailer, below:

We already know that this beloved 90 Day Fiance couple welcomed Ariel Raya in September.

But they were filming the second season of their very own spinoff long before that.

In fact, this Florida couple had checkups and some professional ambitions to get through early in the season.

Unlike the landmark 90 Day Fiance series or most of its spinoffs, After The 90 Days is a lower-pressure show. Less drama, more fun.

Loren and Alexei have a lot of genuine love in their relationship. They don’t have the obvious personality issues or schemes of other couples.

So the trailer begins by showing off a lot of sweet moments, including the family playing with their two little boys at a pool.

A lot of reality TV trailers begin this way, only to show things go off the deep end later in the trailer.

(The only other option is to start with one dramatic moment, like the trailer has a “cold open,” and then skip to a fun montage)

But for the Brovarniks, they have a healthy marriage and their problems are less extreme than what we’d usually see from the cast of this franchise. So, even when they have “conflict,” it’s not the same.

For example, we do see a moment where Loren is asking their son, Shai, if he would like to “model.”

She doesn’t just mean trying on clothes that she bought like some sort of in-home toddler fashion show.

Instead, Loren is asking if Shai would like to participate in professional photography. Not that he has a true concept of all that it entails.

Alexei is clearly not a fan of the idea, but Loren notes how photogenic their adorable babies are.

(Some truly awful people harassed Loren after Shai’s birth, claiming that he was an unattractive baby, so we kind of love this attitude)

It looks like Loren won that argument, because we see both parents posing with their boys. And with Loren’s baby bump.

Speaking of which, Loren visits the doctor for a checkup, and asks: “After I have this baby, do you recommend a vasectomy for Alex?”

“He definitely thinks Alex should get a vasectomy,” she later tells the camera, amused.

“No, he doesn’t,” Alexei says awkwardly, while seated next to her. “No man thinks that.” (Vasectomies are fast, safe, often reversible, and generally very inexpensive)

The main event, however, seems to be a family trip to Israel. This is the place where Loren and Alexei first met.

This isn’t just them and their sons. Loren’s parents are coming, too. And they’ll be spending time with his parents.

As the families discuss the couple’s plans for the future, the idea of the Brovarniks moving to Israel comes up.

“They’ve built a great life. How do you just give that up?” asks Loren’s mother.

It is normal for a parent to not want their child (and grandchildren!) to move to another country. Especially one as polarizing when it comes to its human rights record.

But clearly, this goes beyond that.

Loren’s dad also gets in on it, telling Alexei: “There’s no way I’m ever gonna support this before you speak to an attorney.”

He even explains: “I want to know who legally has the rights to those children.”

“Me and Loren are not going to a divorce attorney,” Alexei tells him, leaving his father-in-law feeling dissatisfied.

The worst of it seems to come when Loren confronts her mother over what she heard her say, doubting Loren’s capabilities if she were to move to Israel.

We see Loren’s mother stand and scream obscenities in her daughter’s face.

Very calmly, considering the circumstances, Loren walks off rather than engaging the tantrum.

“She’s tried to control me my whole life and she hates that she’s lost control,” Loren explains to the camera.

We’re sure that Season 2 will have much more to offer, including plenty of precious moments with the boys.

The second season of Loren & Alexei: After The 90 Days premieres on December 12 on TLC.