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On Sunday, the Los Angeles Rams suffered a defeat at the hands of the Dallas Cowboys on their own turf at Sofi Stadium.

And Matt Stafford and company weren’t the only ones who drew boos from the hometown crowd.

Kim Kardashian attended the game along with her six-year-old son Saint.

And when the reality star was shown on the Jumbotron, she was met with a chorus of jeers from 70,000 irate football fans.

On social media, the scene received a wide array or reactions, with some decrying the rudeness of the boos, and others enjoying the humor in the situation.

“Men are so f–king lame they rlly [sic] just booed my queen Kim K at the Rams game,” one Kim fan tweeted, according to Page Six.

“Damn they booed Kim K so loud LOL,” added another user.

Kim Kardashian wears some dark shades at a Rams game. Was she able to see anything? (Photo via Getty Images)

“Kim k got booed hard. This ain’t Calabasas. #ramshouse,” a third commenter pointed out.

Yes, in order to understand why Kim got booed, one must understand the complexity of the city of Los Angeles.

In some ways, LA is a microcosm for America as a whole, with billionaires and celebrities living alongside people suffering the effects of abject poverty.

That’s not to say that Kim was booed for political or economic reasons.

Kim Kardashian attends the game between the Dallas Cowboys and the Los Angeles Rams at SoFi Stadium. (Photo via Getty Images)

But it’s probably not often that she leaves her ritzy Calabasas neighborhood in order to surround herself with 70,000 peasants.

Now more than ever, it’s easy for celebs to encase themselves in a bubble of constant praise from sycophantic fans, so the booing probably came as quite a shock.

Kim might have fared better had she dressed like she was going to a football game and not cosplayed as a weird fashion alien in giant bug-eye shades and a Balenciaga body suit that probably cost more than most Rams fans make in a year.

Kim Kardashian attended the game between the Dallas Cowboys and the Los Angeles Rams this week. And her presence was not well-received by fans. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

Of course, Kim was there with her child, so no matter how you feel about her personally, there’s no denying that the fans who booed her were in the wrong.

After all, Saint’s dad is Kanye West, which means the kid has been through enough without getting booed by 70,000 randos.

Just this week, Kanye accused Kim of kidnapping her four children — but maybe that was just his psychotic way of acknowledging that she’s the only one who’s actually taking care of them.

Kim Kardashian took her son to a Rams game on Sunday. (Photo via Getty Images)

Kim had some defenders, of course, including Arrow actor Stephen Amell, who encouraged her to take the boos as a compliment.

“Kim Kardashian was just shown on the big screen and loudly booed at the Rams game. Being booed at a sporting event is a huge compliment,” Amell tweeted.

“When people who don’t know you think they dislike you it means you are super duper famous.”

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Of course, many of the people who replied to Amell’s tweet were quick to point out that the jeers probably were not intended as praise.

“That might just be what famous people tell themselves. If we boo you, we truly dislike you in NY,” one person wrote.

Harsh, but accurate!