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Jon Gosselin doesn’t want to say he told you so, but…

… actually, scratch that.

Jon Gosselin absolutely wants to say he told you so.

For far too many months now, the former TLC personality has trashed his ex-wife, Kate Gosselin, at every opportunity, openly telling anyone who would listen that she’s pathetic and insensitive and desperate for attention.

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Therefore, in the wake of the news that Kate will play a role on an upcoming reality show, you can pretty easily guess what Jon has to say in response, can’t you?

“Reality TV is her bread and butter, and this show is no different,” an insider close to Jon told In Touch late last week.

The show in question will premiere this January on Fox and will be titled Special Forces.

It will pit Kate against a cast of 15 other so-called celebrities as they are put to the test via various types of training and grueling challenges … pulled from the military’s actual Special Forces selection process.

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In a trailer released several days ago, Kate can be seen (above) breaking down as a result of these difficult exercises.

“Jon is also not surprised it’s been such a challenge for her,” the same tabloid source adding, noting that Kate would previously avoid “any type of hardcore workout.”

Ouch, huh?

Jon, of course, has said far worse things about his former spouse in the past.

Jon and Kate Gosselin are pictured here WAY back in the day. On April 23, 2008 in New York City, to be specific. Back when they were married. (Photo by Thos Robinson/Getty Images for Discovery)

Jon and Kate were married for 10 years and split in 2009.

The former has temporary custody of son Collin and daughter Hannah, while Mady and Cara are in college.

Jon’s other four children — Aaden, Joel, Leah and Alexis — reside with their mom in North Carolina and have absolutely no relationship with their father.

Like, absolutely none at all, according to Jon.

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We’re up close and really way too personal here with Jon Gosselin on Instagram.

“[Hannah] feels a little bit slighted from what things have transpired,” Jon told Dr. Oz on a November 2021 episode of the latter’s program, not delving into specifics and yet adding:

“I know she misses Leah and Alexis. She’s been snubbed by her brothers, so I don’t know what’s going on with that.”

Jon emphasized during this appearance that Hannah does NOT miss her mom.

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Jon Gosselin is still taking selfies. (Photo via Instagram)

In 2019, meanwhile, Jon was accused of assaulting Collin.

The father of eight strongly denied these troubling allegations, claiming that he was simply restraining the teenager at the time because Collin was suffering through a manic episode.

Kate, who hasn’t slammed her ex-husband much at all over the past few years, didn’t accept that argument, however.

“I am done hiding and will say this unequivocally: Jon is a violent and abusive person,” Kate told People Magazine in September 2020.