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Unlike some of the “oh no” moments on 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? this past weekend, Jenny and Sumit were doing okay.

No crying, no screaming. Just going about their very different days as a married couple. Right?

Except that they have a couple of disagreements.

Jenny wants Sumit to consider a move to America. She tells him that. Sumit wants to have a child to please his parents. But he’s not telling Jenny.

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As Season 7, Episode 10 began, Sumit Singh was getting ready for work. He and his friend Rohit have a restaurant business.

Jenny Slatten was already doing her “dutiful housewife” role, per Sumit’s request. Why? Because he wants her to meet his mother’s standards, in case they ever reconcile.

Now, he wants her to take things further. He suggested that she should go buy food by herself while he is at work.

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Jenny has gone shopping with Sumit before, but this is different. She has to navigate this herself for the first time — and all on camera.

The first merchant seems to get upset when Jenny wants to buy specific amounts of veggies. She has to buy a set amount, the woman insists.

And then comes the price — 1,220 rupees. That comes to about $15, which is a lot for one bag of veggies at a street market.

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Jenny is not from India. There is a financial conversion involved, and different things cost different amounts in different countries.

But … while $15 is not a lot of money, it is more than the veggies are worth.

Jenny declines to make the purchase, and finds a more reasonable merchant who charges less than a quarter of that price.

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Jenny did accidentally overpay after mishearing the man, but she still paid less than half of what the previous merchant was charging.

If you’ve ever been low on sleep and accidentally overtipped or overpayed your friend back, you know how it goes.

Jenny made a good effort for Sumit. But she’s not looking forward to spending every day on her own like this.

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“When I gave up everything to be with Sumit in India, I thought he would be my side,” she told the camera.

“Honestly, if this is what Sumit wants our lives to be like I’d rather be home in America,” Jenny confessed.

That way, at least, she could be living “with friends and family where I’m comfortable.”

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“I would definitely feel less helpless,” Jenny pointed out.

“If we go back to America, I won’t feel so all alone,” she then reiterated.

Jenny suggested that “Maybe it’s time for Sumit to make some compromises because I’m sick of being the one that does all the compromising.”

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Meanwhile, Sumit — who has no interest in moving to America — was at work.

He and his friend Rohit launched their restaurant business (it’s a food delivery, not a sit-down establishment) just months before COVID-19 shut them down.

Now, they’re starting things back up. Some of the footage made us kind of hungry. But it was also a time for them to catch up.

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Rohit has clearly missed his friend.

Sumit married Jenny. His parents disowned him. Then he and Jenny went on their honeymoon. They have only recently returned.

While viewers have seen Jenny make many sacrifices for Sumit, Rohit sometimes feels like Sumit does whatever Jenny wants.

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Sumit tells Rohit about Jenny’s suggestion that they move to the US. He doesn’t want to, of course.

Then he reveals his newfound desire to adopt a child (or have one via surrogate).

He has not discussed it with his wife. And Sumit seems to think that this will make his family accept and love him again.

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Rohit immediately felt concern upon hearing this. Just as anyone would.

This was a brand new desire on Sumit’s part. He should absolutely discuss it with Jenny — first, before talking about it with others.

And Rohit noted that having a child would not magically fix Sumit’s problems. That is an understatement.

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When Sumit returned home from work, Jenny was quick to show how she had followed his wishes.

She bought food from the market without him, for the first time. Not just veggies, but also spices.

Jenny, like millions of Americans, is accustomed to convenient and easy-to-prepare meals. There will be a learning curve to this, but she’s trying to make her husband happy.

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But Sumit told her that he and Rohit, as co-owners, will need to work the full week, every week.

Six days a week would be a lot. Seven days a week means constant work for him, and a lot of alone time for Jenny.

This is not what she wanted. Some time apart is healthy, but this means that Sumit will be spending more time having “guys nights” and staying out drinking after work. It could be difficult.

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Viewers are not a monolith. Some fans are Team Jenny, others are Team Sumit. And some fans favor both — or neither.

But there is no question that Jenny has given up a lot, and endured a lot, to be with Sumit.

A lot of fans would like to see Sumit recognize that. Or, at the very least, be honest with his wife about his alleged baby goals.