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At this point, there’s no denying that Chelsea Houska is the most successful of all the Teen Moms.

When Chelsea quit the show that made her famous back in 2020, fans feared it would be the end of her career.

Instead it was just the beginning.

These days, Chelsea and husband Cole DeBoer are gearing up for the debut of their own HGTV show.

Chelsea Houska & Cole DeBoer
Chelsea Houska & Cole DeBoer are teaming up for a show on HGTV. We cannot wait to watch it! (Photo via MTV)

It’s the kind of legitimacy that few reality stars attain — so perhaps it’s not surprising that some of Chelsea’s former colleagues are more than a little jealous of her success.

And Reddit users think they know which star is most envious of Houska’s success.

In fact, Jenelle Evans’ ongoing jealousy toward Chelsea has become something of a running joke in the Teen Mom-obsessed corners of social media.

“Regardless of how anyone feels about Chelsea, you cannot deny Jenelle’s obsessive jealousy over her being pissed that people were happy about Chelsea’s pregnancy and not hers (despite the fact she initially denied being pregnant…?),” one commenter wrote this week.

“Thinking David is equivalent to Cole, her wedding pictures looking oddly similar (but much worse), and her cease and desist…absolutely hilarious.”

One of the embarrassing moments from Jenelle’s past that was referenced there was the cease and desist letter Evans sent to several co-stars (including Chelsea) demanding that they stop making fun of her.

Chelsea and Cole on HGTV
Chelsea Houska endured years of abuse at the hands of Adam Lind. Her situation turned around when she met Cole DeBoer!

“Remember Jenelle calling David ‘her Cole’ and Chelsea making a ‘this b-tch’ face?” another redditor recalled.

“100%. waiting for her to make them do a Chelsea and Cole Halloween costume,” another added, as first reported by The Sun.

“I know she gets a lot of snark, but seriously Chelsea and Cole are goals to me,” a third chimed in.

Chelsea and Cole's New Show
Chelsea and Cole have made the leap from MTV to HGTV. (Photo via Instagram)

Jenelle has been taking a lot of flak on Reddit this week, both for her obvious jealousy of Chelsea, and for the recent “honeymoon” she took with David.

Jenelle’s alcoholism is a frequent topic of discussion on the boards, and many roasted Evans for boasting about switching from beer to wine for health reasons.

“Way classier than beer,” one commenter joked.

“She is healthy now! And switched from beer to wine!” another added.

Jenelle Evans Complains
Jenelle Evans is not happy that she was left out of the cast of Teen Mom: Family Reunion. (Photo via TouTube)

“So much classier. Our classy, health-conscious queen!” a third chimed in.

“Lol, and I remember her saying she switched from beer to wine and how ‘great’ it was for her bloating,” another noted.

Chelsea, of course, is not immune to criticism, and many fans have been giving her a hard time about her physique in recent weeks.

Fans have been comparing Chelsea Houska to Jenelle Evans. Needless to say, Chelsea has come out on top. (Photo via Instagram)

In particular, they’ve been pointing to the photo above as evidence that Houska is “wasting away.”

But there’s zero evidence of Chelsea resorting to unhealthy methods in her efforts to lose weight.

If anything, Houska seems totally devoted to mental, physical, and financial health.

Which is more than we can say for some of her former co-stars …