Jenelle Evans: Why is She Taking Legal Action Against Her Co-Stars?

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Take a moment and imagine having Jenelle Evans as a co-worker. (We'll pause here to allow you some time to finish convulsing on the floor in agony.)

As you can imagine, sharing an employer with the Teen Mom 2 terror would present a number of challenges, including, but not limited to:

- Random social media feuds.

- Possible physical altercations.

- Unexpected legal action.

It seems some of her MTV co-stars were reminded today of just how volatile Jenelle can be thanks to a surprise call from her attorneys.

Which cast members is Evans so furious with, and what did they do that enraged her so much that she's threatening to sue them over it?

Fortunately for us, they're sharing their misery on Twitter. Get the details below and brace yourselves for when the Caroline Hurricane makes landfall ...

1. Mystery Tantrum

Mystery Tantrum
Usually, when Jenelle is pissed off about something, she makes the cause of her consternation abundantly clear. This time, however, there's a good deal of confusion about exactly what's got Jenelle's goat. And it seems she'd like to keep it that way...

2. Cease and Desist

Cease and Desist
Apparently, Jenelle's lawyers sent cease and desist letters to several Teen Mom 2 regulars, including Kailyn Lowry, Chelsea Houska, and Chelsea's dad, Randy.

3. Quiet Kail

Quiet Kail
As a result, Kailyn and company are forbidden from going into detail about Jenelle's latest gripe. But that's not stopping them from throwing a little shade on Twitter.

4. #ByeJenelle

"How does one get a cease & desist from someone they don’t care to talk about... & if i did, it’s my opinion," Kailyn tweeted, adding the biting hashtags, "#hijenelle #byejenelle."

5. A Savage Meme-ing

A Savage Meme-ing
Chelsea Houska even busted out the Confused Girl meme to drive her point home.

6. Houska Burns

Houska Burns
"I just got a cease and desist from Jenelle and David. So there's that lolll. #idonteventalkaboutyou," Chelsea tweeted. A pretty scathing reaction, but the best response might have come from Chelsea's father, Randy...

7. "People" Are Pissed

"People" Are Pissed
"Apparently it is libelous to say that people should not fight in front of their children. Not specific people, just people," Randy tweeted in gloriously passive-aggressive fashion. And he didn't stop there.

8. Dustin Time

Dustin Time
Randy lamented that the cease and desist didn't come from Jenelle's very active attorney, Dustin Sullivan. "My main disappointment today is that the letter wasn't from Dustin. That woulda been sweet," he tweeted.

9. Randal Scandal

Randal Scandal
Randy even threw a little shade at Jenelle's latest business venture, tweeting, "My main disappointment today is that the letter wasn't from Dustin. That woulda been sweet."

10. The Jenelle Roast

The Jenelle Roast
Jenelle is likely regretting sending those cease and desist letters today, as she's currently being roasted to a crisp by fans of Kailyn, Chelsea, and Randy. (It turns out Randy fans are a seriously devoted bunch.)

11. Fashion Shade

Fashion Shade
"How about a clothing line w only 4 items?" asked one fan in apparent reference to Jenelle's recently-released line of tees and sweatshirts emblazoned with "witty" sayings, like, "Kinda don't care."

12. Randy Squad In Effect

Randy Squad In Effect
"Yessss!!!!! Karma hits hard #teamRany!" tweeted another follower. (We assume they meant "#teamRandy")

13. Lurch on the Land

Lurch on the Land
"Lurch making her more cray cray than normal #justsaying #teamchelsea," tweeted another fan of Team Houska. "Lurch," apparently refers to Jenelle's lanky husband, David Eason.

14. Gettin' Real

Gettin' Real
Some folks zeroed in on Jenelle's parenting. Many are surprised she still has custody of her youngest two kids.

15. Using Again?

Using Again?
Several of Randy's followers suggested that Jenelle is on drugs again. Some claim she's been showing signs of drug abuse in her social media posts.

16. "Seize and Resist"

"Seize and Resist"
A few folks went all-out in their shade-throwing, such as this fan of Kailyn's who blessed us with a one-act play inspired by life on "the Laaaaaand." Someone give this woman a Tony!

17. Lady of the Laaaaand

Lady of the Laaaaand
Jenelle should really take legal action against her co-stars more often. Twitter has been wildly entertaining today.

18. A Valid Point

A Valid Point
Jenelle famously tweeted about Kailyn's third pregnancy before the news was public. So maybe she shouldn't be lecturing others about what they say on social media.

19. There Are Those Who Try and Understand Jenelle...

There Are Those Who Try and Understand Jenelle...
It can't be done, Lynn. She's like a really pissed of Sphynx who loves weed.

20. Kail Remembers

Kail Remembers
Kailyn, for one, certainly hasn't forgotten her many social media run-ins with Jenelle.

21. A Not-So-Bold Prediction

A Not-So-Bold Prediction
When you consider how many times Jenelle have been engaged (5), that's sort of a generous prediction.

22. Cease Doing What, Exactly?

Cease Doing What, Exactly?
This is one of those situations that turns everyone on Twitter into a legal scholar. It's tough to weigh-in, of course, without all the facts.

23. Jenelle: Always Shady

Jenelle: Always Shady
Examples of Jenelle being shady are certainly not in short supply.

24. Maybe Add a Few More "A's"

Maybe Add a Few More "A's"
This sums things up pretty well. And what does Jenelle have to say about all this? Well...

25. Not Much

Not Much
Jenelle's been busy keeping up the appearance of normalcy with smiling holiday weekend pics. Many fans have noted the absence of son Jace, who apparently spent Thanksgiving with Barbara Evans. Say what you will about the girl, Jenelle has provided us with plenty of drama, and ... we suppose that's something to be thankful for?

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