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On this weekend’s episode of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?, Andrei Castravet felt royally pissed.

The green card interview was already weird enough. Then, it didn’t go well, leaving him in a state uncomfortable uncertainty.

Andrei could end up in deportation proceedings. Libby and Ellie could have their lives uprooted, too.

But Andrei directed a lot of his anger towards his wife. According to him, she totally blew one of the interview questions.

En route to Andrei’s green card interview, he and Libby were nervous but keeping a positive attitude.

They even worked out their answer if the interviewer asked about their sex life — about two times per week. On average.

It was, they knew, important to have consistent, honest answers. Anything could be a red flag. And any red flag could cost Andrei his chance at continued residency.

But when the couple emerged from the interview, they did not have good news. This led to a very angry drive home.

“We went for an interview at the USCA office and got grilled,” Andrei told the camera.

He then explained: “We were hoping to get my permanent Green Card approved. But, it didn’t happen.”

“I guess we need more proof,” Libby said in frustration, “but I don’t know much more proof you need.”

But Andrei directed a lot of his fury at her, after she offered a nuanced answer to the question of when the tow met.

“One question that kinda made things kinda take a turn for the worse, it was ‘When did you and your husband meet?’ ” Libby explained to the camera. “And I think that’s a very relative question.”

“Like, meet on the phone or face-to-face? So my answer was different,” Elizabeth reasoned.

“And,” she then continued, “they were like, ‘That’s not the right answer.'”

Libby added: “I was like, ‘This is my husband. I know when we met. I was there.'” Yeah, that makes sense.

“I said to just f–king answer the questions. Why [were] you stumbling?” Andrei demanded, berating his wife.

“Do not hound me right now,” Libby asked. “I nervously answered. You’re not gonna sit there and blame me.”

And yet, Andrei did just that.

“If something happens, this is no joke, we have to get out,” Andrei noted, explaining what happens if his green card runs out without a renewal.

Libby then expressed: “I’m just thinking about Ellie. I want her to grow up here.”

But Andrei was as dismissive as ever, saying: “We have plenty of opportunities everywhere. Believe me.”

Libby was worried over the idea of raising Libby in Moldova. Between a different life and culture and being so far from her family, it was not an inviting prospect.

But to Andrei, being far from Elizabeth’s family would not exactly be a downside.

In his mind, one of them was certainly the culprit — having sabotaged his immigration process.

“I believe it was somebody from Libby’s family who could have reported me to USCIS because they hate me,” Andrei theorized.

“I don’t know who would have said anything, who would have tried to do that to sabotage us,” Libby said.

Noting that deporting Andrei would mean her departure, she added: “That doesn’t make any sense to me.”